KNXV-TV Always off

Hey KNXV-TV ABC 15 in Phoenix…

You motto claims you’re “always on”. Yeah right.

ABC15’s standard-definition and high-definition broadcast signals will be temporarily off the air on Sunday 6/29/08 from 10am to around 4pm for required transmitter maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. ABC15’s broadcast signal is still available on Cox Cable, DirecTV, and Qwest Cable.

Lies. I have DirecTV and the station is not airing. No one’s buying your bullshit excuses for being off air anymore, especially since other stations using the same transmitter are on the air and working fine. Hope you like the complaints I and others will be filing against you with the Arizona BBB and the FCC over your illegally taking advertising from local businesses and national companies for special events like today’s MLS and EUFA cup games knowing you weren’t going to be able to show them on any channel: local, cable or satellite.

So fuck off.

No wonder ABC is a shit company. I certainly will never watch these asshats ever again. This type of bullshit has been going on for months and I, for one, will no longer tolerate it.

BLM Freezes Solar Energy Projects

Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects – For me this just highlights that the Federal Government and it’s agencies are not serious about developing alternate energy sources. While it is laudable, if true, that they want to see what potential environmental effect solar and photovoltaic generating stations could have, a complete freeze is incomprehensible. This is especially so when such “environmental concern” isn’t applied to oil, coal, or natural gas development nor apparently to other alternate energy sources like wind power farms in Delaware – CNN. Okay, the wind farms are on the coast but I still don’t see a government agency concerned enough over the local environment there to demand an environmental impact study on all wind power farms and that further development of said farms be halted.

How convenient.

I can understand the concern over older, less efficient solar power stations that use fluid to generate power, but photovoltaics are more appropriate to locations like Arizona where water is a constant concern. The only real environmental concern over PV is the cadmium used to create some types of PV panels, but these are easily controlled through simple emission controls.

This BLM’s sudden supposed concern is suspicious when taken into the context of solar power advocacy and development over the past few decades and the fact that the solar investment tax credits are expiring soon.

2nd Amendment Ruling

Supreme Court Throws Out Handgun Ban – AOL News I know there will be some upset by the Supreme Court throwing out Distric of Columbia’s handgun ban, but I for one welcome it. I have no problem with reasonable gun control measure like background checks but I have always felt D.C.’s law went beyond the as an intrusive and egregious violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Of course the extreme liberals claim it’s going to make the country less safe, ignoring the obvious fact that the ban did little to assuage D.C.’s crime problems. But then it also ignores the fact that people, not inanimate objects need to be held responsible for their activities. It reminds me of a phrase I heard once: Laws take away personal responsibility. I wish I could remember where I heard it before, but I tend to think it’s true. People hide behind the law so they don’t have to take responsibility for their choices and actions by blaming other things: other people, their environment, their job, their lifestyle, etc., etc.

It was interesting to note that the decision was pretty much along conservative vs. liberal lines. In this case I’m glad the conservatives were on the court as the more extreme liberal members have apparently forgot the meaning of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in this case. It’s not like the Supreme Court Justices have not forgotten the Constitution before. I recall recently their approval for State’s to use eminent domain to seize private property and then give it to private developers. Surprisingly, in a rare correct decision, President Bush then issued an executive order limiting such use of eminent domain by federal agencies. Several states have also restricted eminent domain practices to prevent private developers and companies from essentially stealing people’s property for the “public benefit”.

Anyway, back on topic. I’m quite pleased with the decision and hope it prompts more reasonable and responsible gun regulations instead of the laws often passed as knee jerk reactions to events or political expediency and/or agendas.

ScribeFire Test

This is just a test post of ScribeFire to WordPress. Seems to work adequately.

ScribeFire seems like a nice enough Firefox add-on. Reasonably small and compact but containing the features I would personally expect for a browser add-on for blogging. Haven’t tried to attach any images or video yet, but seems to be pretty nice and easy for adding tags, categories, and so on.

So, let’s light this candle.

Assorted topics

It’s been a while since I posted anything mainly do to being busy looking for a new job and dealing with some family situations. I wasn’t really surprised about being laid off given the local economy. Kind of sucks, but all I can do is move on and get another job. So, the rest of the post will just be a wrap up of things I’ve wanted to post or comment about but hadn’t had the time.


As expected, the so called mainstream news media’s bias and love fest for Barack Obama continues. For example, in the last 10 BBC World News casts I’ve seen 6 were pro-Obama, 0 were pro-McCain, and 4 were pro-Democratic Party or anti-Bush. I don’t really care about the anti-Bush stuff except when they border on outright lies. The local NBC affiliate is actually worse with a near daily constant stream of anti-McCain propaganda. I use the propaganda in this case because the local affiliate’s information is wrong 80% percent of the time and their news ticker is a constant stream of bias. It reminds me of that Simpson‘s episode that did a spoof on Fox News showing a ticker that had a constant stream of anti-DNC propaganda. Too bad it’s no where near as amusing.

Obama’s had a few more stumbles along the way, as has McCain. I’m wondering how Obama’s going to handle the recent snub of two Muslim women by his campaign at a rally. Personally I thought it was disgusting thing to do, especially for a politician claiming he want to move beyond such discrimination. While obviously Mr. Obama cannot control the actions of every single one of his staff members, surely if he has emphasized his message of tolerance and acceptance his members wouldn’t continue to make such mistakes. Of course has his staffers allowed the women to sit as they desired some wing nut would then use it to claim Obama was some loony Islamic radical. So he can’t really win either there but it doesn’t justify the discrimination.

Obama and the whole campaign financing thing doesn’t surprise me in the least. I suspected he would renege on his commitment that he would use federal public financing for the general campaign. His own actions just keeps reinforcing the reasons why I will not vote for him. So much for change, Mr. Obama.

I did get a lot of eye rolling done watching yesterday’s BBC broadcast when they had an Obama adviser on discussing Obama’s stand on issues. Perhaps the part that had me laughing the most was the woman’s insane statement that the problems of the 21st century were different than the 20th and then proceeded to list them: terrorism, economy, oil, environment, et. al. I hate to break it to this poor deluded woman but all the issues she mentioned as different important for the 21st century are in fact the same as in the 20th. The names may have changed and the number of players involved as well but it’s still all the same problems. Perhaps worst was the fact you could easily tell when she supported an Obama policy (normal eye movement, blinks, and head tilted up amongst others) and when she did not (rapid eye movement, triple blinks, eyelash flutters, and tilting her head down amongst other tells).

I got some amusement recently from three people I know deciding to vote for McCain. Two were independent voters who had supported Obama until the Rev. Wright controversy and were flailing about whether to support Obama or not. Another was a Clinton supporter who also wasn’t sure whether to go McCaon or Obama. Each one I simply told to go to the respective candidates websits and evaluate their positions and decide off of that who to vote for. I admit I was surprised when all three decided on McCain.


I keep getting ticked off at the politicians saying we, the United States of America, need to get off our “dependence on foreign oil”. Shouldn’t that be we need to get off our “dependence on oil” (without qualifiers)? We know the world’s oil supplies are finite, regardless of what has been tapped and what has not so why are the politicians, even the supposedly pro-green and pro-alt fuel candidates, only giving lip service to developing and supporting alternate energy sources or worse, supporting sources that are unmaintainable because they are based on critical food crops. Opening up ANWAR and expanding exploration zones for oil companies and continuing to fund oil companies with tax payers money while said companies are making record profits off the hardships of the American public are unacceptable approaches to the problem. All these “solutions” do is perpetuate the system of greed, abuse, and degradation of both the environment and quality of life.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to take money earmarked for supporting the oil companies and put it use on alternate sources of energy generations and encouraging people to start employing such resources like wind power, solar power/photo-voltaics, nuclear power, hydrogen powered systems, etc., as well as promoting expansion and improvements to public transportation systems and commercial railways and the use of more fuel efficient vehicles, energy conservation awareness, or even encouraging people to walk or ride bicycles (or even horses) when possible. It’s as much about energy consumption as it is about energy production.

Arizona News

Copper thieves and TP vandals. I’m not surprised at the recent arrest of teenagers in some re3cent theft of copper. Given copper and other metals recent upturn in value I’m surprised it isn’t a more widespread problem. The toilet paper vandals are not really surprising either and likely also the work of bored teenagers.

This heat wave well and truly sucks right now. I certainly didn’t appreciate when my brother and I had to replace the entire evaporative cooler. I eagerly await our post-July 4th weather, which usually is our much needed and cooling rains.

Looks like an Obama v McCain matchup

It’s now all but assured Barack Obama will be the Democratic Presidential nominee. While I congratulate Mr. Obama for his feat I admit I am disappointed at not having a McCain v. Clinton match up for the general election. I thought the debates between these two storied, experienced, and bipartisan negotiators would have proven very interesting and stayed on topic regarding discussing their differences in solving issues in this country. I’m afraid that with a McCain v. Obama campaign we will get everything but genuine discussion on solving issues as I’ve noted too often the Obama camp typically avoid an issue by trotting out dogmatic and partisan dialog like “McCain is a third Bush presidency” or ageist comments regarding McCain. The McCain camp in turn has on occasion also has some unneeded partisan comments.

I could be proven pleasantly wrong about the debates but I’ll just wait and see how it unfolds. I also hope that the Libertarian candidate is given an equal voice in the forthcoming debates as well, but I doubt that will happen.

On a side note, I was torn between disgust and amusement at BBC America‘s World News program and it’s blatant  bias in favor of Barack Obama during tonight’s broadcast. Anyone watching will know exactly what I mean. A little cheer leading is okay (except for the fact that they should at least pretend to be objective) but the effusiveness of tonight’s show bordered on ludicrous. But then Matt Frei isn’t very good at hiding his political leaning anyway.  I’ll just put it down to the usual BBC bias for now and laugh.