DADT Repealed

Obama looks forward to signing repeal of DADT-W.House | Reuters

I’m glad to see the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy repealed and will now allow gays to serve without summarily being dismissed for a silly reason like whom they are sleeping with. It was always a ridiculous notion to that otherwise qualified individuals should be dismissed from the military over the sexual preference.

Analysis: Dream Act failure kills immigration reform hopes | Reuters

Conversely I’m glad that the DREAM Act was defeated. It was not immigration reform despite what some would have Americans think. It was a reward for illegal activities and behavior and worse, a blatant cynical attempt of ethnicity pandering politics.

Judge Strikes Down Mandated Health Coverage

Judge Strikes Down Mandated Health Coverage: Supreme Court Review Expected

While I see the decision as a positive sign it is only the beginning of a long drawn out process that will ultimately have the Supreme Court making the final decision. My hope is the SCOTUS will strike down the law but such a result is not a certainty given recent rulings that favor corporatism and organizations over individuals.

Anonymous: Preserving free speech? Hardly.

WikiLeaks: Who Is ‘Anonymous’ and What Is ‘Operation Payback’?

Some Anonymous activists call the attacks part of a new “Info-War” aimed at preserving free speech on the Internet.

Regardless of your opinion on Assange or WikiLeaks it has become patently obvious these script-kiddies (calling them hackers is an insult to genuine hackers) are too stupid to realize their actions are leading directly to the destruction of free speech on the internet in several ways. The most first, and most obvious, is their actions will prompt governments to increase regulations and laws over internet activity especially the free dissemination of information in the name of national security and internet usage stability. The second, organizations that make the internet operate ranging from ICAAN to ISPs to website hosts will want to start overly regulating content to protect themselves from government prosecution. Thirdly, businesses that keep the internet running may demand greater control of what is available on the internet to protect their businesses. Naturally, governments will go along with businesses in such a venture to ensure control for themselves.

So bravo to these morons. You’re destroying the very thing you claim to be protecting, “free speech”, with your delusions that you’re actually accomplishing anything to help your cause. Apparently “free speech” to these idiots means they can say and do whatever they want and every one else can not. Sadly, like spoiled children, they don’t even realize they’ve willingly sold out their own cause to the corporations and politicians by taking such destructive actions.

Well done. </sarcasm>

Dems Reject Obama

House Democrats Reject Obama’s Tax Cut Deal

It’s amusing to see whining from Democrats about behind doors deals between the President and the GOP over tax cuts considering they were more than happy to cut a number of closed door deals without the GOP when they were under the delusion that they had a “mandate” to shove their garbage legislation upon the American people. But then Obama should have known better than to curry the favor of the leftist extremists in his party, one of the same mistakes Bush made when he curried favor from the evangelical right wing extremists of the Republican Party.

Now that the American people have started turning the tide against the insane overspending the Democrats, particularly hard leftist progressives, have become a bunch of whining imbeciles trying to adopt language that they think will fool Americans into supporting them once more. Hearing “fiscal irresponsible” from the same people who’ve created the largest deficit in U.S. history is like Bart Stupak claiming he’s now pro-choice: completely and utterly hypocritical.

In the end they’ll pass it, regardless of their claims otherwise, simply because they won’t want to face the further wrath of the American people. A wrath they had but a taste of this past November if Washington doesn’t get its act together.

Successful SpaceX Launch, Land

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Landing – Private Space Test – Popular Mechanics

Congratulations to SpaceX for their successful launch of the Dragon capsule. More importantly congratulations to SpaceX for becoming the first private company to have a spacecraft re-enter from orbit.

More info on SpaceX Dragon: SpaceX Dragon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SpaceX Dragon Launch

Much Rides on Upcoming Launch of SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft

My only real problem with the article is trying to give President Obama credit for SpaceX’s work. SpaceX and companies like them have been working on private commercial space craft long before President Obama even thought of becoming President.

My hope is the Dragon launch goes smoothly. Whether you support private space launch or not, all can agree that NASA has become a bloated organization subject to the whims and machinations of politicians and scientists that have disrupted and, in some cases, crippled U.S. space capability. Whether those manipulations are based on budget considerations (e.g. the Federal government inability to manage its budget wisely) of socio-political agendas (via programs designed solely to support theories rather than test them such as global warming) the fact is the private sector is needed to provide a much needed spark of technological development and innovation that no longer exists due to the bureaucratic nature that has taken hold at NASA.

There will be some privatization of space whether people like it or not, but agencies like NASA will also remain.