This Month’s Propaganda Event

So I see tonight we had a continuation of the propaganda televised address by the media whore we call President. I passed on it given he didn’t to say anything new and tried to spin every choreographed question to get people, especially in the MSM, to blindly follow his lead. The President and Congress’s complete and utter failure in dealing with the economy and associated financial and housing crises leave me only brimming with contempt for our entire government and its pervasive ignorance and amazing level of arrogance.

While I didn’ty watch the propaganda media event I do keep track of what he’s said:

  • The President asserts waterboarding is torture. It is. Only lubnatic fringers think it was not. Quit blathering about it while doing nothing and move on. on’t bother trying to prosecute any one over it because then you’d have key members of Congress from both parties going to jail alongside those people certain Dems have targeted in their little revenge inspired witch hunts.
  • More empty promises to deal with the economy. I actually laughed while reading his BS claims on “saving” jobs, tax cuts, and refinancing mortgages.
  • More promises to deal with swine flu. Too bad it has nothing to do with him.
  • Feeling optomistic about Chrysler. Sure, since it’s in effect under the government’s thumb. Ford was the only smart one of the Big Three and deservedly so.
  • The faux derision over the 100 days mark a media creation. Hate to break it to him, but so is his Presidency and popularity. The media doesn’t like you, you’re popularity is dead.

President Obama has done a few things I agree with: supporting stem cell research, supporting gay marriage, and such. But this doesn’t negate the bad: supporting the flawed Patriot Act, numerous tax cheats and corrupt officials nominated or actually now in high level positions, supporting the overwhelming insanity that is rampant government spending and record levels of deficits that the President can not claim (no matter how hard he tries) is not of his making. The President needs to remember that we all know he was a Senator until his election as President. That makes him a part of the problem when he acts as if it’s everyone elses fault without including his own culpability.

News Commentary

Specter leaving GOP for Democrats

I’m not surprised Specter leaving the GOP since he is correct that it radical fringers who’ve hijacked the party away from moderate Republicans, especially during primaries, to push extremist religiously inspired social dogma. Besides, I have little respect for Specter anyway as he is just another one of the opportunistic corrupt politicians that are ruining this country, more concerned with his re-election than doing what is right for all of the United States. I’d have greater respect for his decision if he’d simply gone independent or changed at a time other than the impending election season. But then again he isn’t my Senator so who cares, right? I doubt his switch will change much in the out of control Congress.

I myself am looking for a different party. Currently the Libertarians are leading my interest, but they’re still tied to too many fringe or outdated practices to ever make them a truly viable option. I’ll probably just register as independent since there is no way on hell I’ll join the neo-socialist left-looneys running the Democrat Party right now.

Swine Flu

Couple of annoying points I’d like to comment on:

The newsmedia needs to cease their fear mongering and scare tactics. They’re making something out of nothing, intentionally instilling fear into the population. Many reporters now seem to realize how idiotic they’ve been behaving on air, but there are still a lot of reporters acting hysterical over something that could be easily presented in a calm, reassuring, and reasonable manner. I’m getting annoyed at so many friends e-mailing me acting like Arizona has become a plague state when in fact there has yet to be even one case of Swine Flu as of today compared to the surprisingly large numbers in, of all places, New York. I appreciate their concern but people seriously need to stop listening to know-nothings in the newsmedia. Take normal precautions and practice basic hygeine and people should be fine just like any other flu. The MSM also needs to stop using the Swine Flu to ignore continuing government corruption that the public has a right to know.

All political factions also need to stop using the Swine Flu as an eceuse to push all their crazy agendas, ranging from the extreme lefty “give up U.S. sovereignty to the U.N.” or “blanket amnesty for illegals” crowd to the racism inspired “shut the border down entirely” groups, not to mention the inane bickering and bullshit in Congress over supposed obstruction to appointees being a part of the problem.

Earth Day

OK, I’ll be a sheeple and post something on Earth Day.

So another Earth Day has come around again. I don’t know too many people that are actually doing anything this year as far as going to any events or what not. Instead most seem intent on little things: planting a tree, starting a garden,and so on. I’m personally doing nothing since I don’t believe in single day environmentalism (e.g. turning off lights for an hour) but lifetime solutions that balance quality of life, the environment, and business based on responsible and scientific evidence and not fear mongering as some greens have done. (I applaud those who follow the former rather than the latter when deciding what to do for the environment.)

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, you’ve got all the companies claiming their products are green. Sadly, most are not truly environmentally friendly or disingenuous in their claims, like a certain power company (who I won’t name) urging everyone to go solar powered through their service. Problem is their solar power system does not come close to powering any number significant of homes and businesses in Arizona. But then I personally think all homes and businesses in Arizona should have photovoltaic panels installed.

Anyway, happy Earth Day to those partaking in events or just doing things around the house.

Tax Day and Tea Parties

A quick little post to congratulate the Tea Parties being held across the nation to protest the out of control spending and corruption of the U.S. government and it’s policies. I also got a laugh out of the pathetic attempt by elements of the administration and associated propaganda agencies to try and quell free expression and legitimate protest in this nation by “leaking” a paper attempting to equate those who champion immigration control, small government, et. al. as potential right wing “terrorists”. Curious (not really) how the MSM ignored the report on what was defined as left wing “terrorists” deciding to focus on conservative issues. All should be concerned with ther very statist dictatorial agenda these papers try to invoke in the name of protecting the United States and it’s citizenry.

About the only negative thing I have to say involves the bias of the newmedia, particularly CNN, in trying to turn the Tea Parties into a racist issue as a CNN reporter tried to do in Chicago and a conspiracy by the evil and conniving Fox News. Pathetic really. CNN and their ilk should be ashamed of that reporter and realize it is their disingenuous reports trying to manipulate the people that have led to the formation of the Tea Parties in the first place. Stop trying to manipulate the public with lies and propagandist drivel and perhaps they’ll begin to listen to MSM once more. Probably not.

Two Blowhards: Arpaio vs. Sharpton

It appears we’re about to have a rumble in the desert between two blowhards: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Rev. Al Sharpton. My money is on the Sheriff, though they’re about equal in the blowhard, obnoxious gas bag category.

Arpaio calls resignation demands ‘ridiculous’

“You’ve got this small group of people trying to intimidate me, asking me to resign, which is ridiculous,” Arpaio said.

He said Sharpton “is living in fantasy land. He’ll resign before I resign. I’m not resigning, I guarantee you.”

Heh. Sure Arpaio is a media whore, but at least MCSO gets things done that the rest of our corrupt government (especially Washington DC) won’t do: uphold U.S. law. That alone is enough for me to support Arpaio. If he screws up and breaks the law, he’ll be taken down accordingly.

ACORN and Sharpton, on the other hand, are jokes in their own right. Even the local activists don’t want these idiots interfering in Arizona. Typical elitist making demands without a clue of what’s really happening in the state. Besides, I suggest ACORN mind its own house given the investigations against them. But then both groups can’t stand it that their agenda is negated by Obama’s own claims of a post-racial era in America. If they can’t scream racism at every shadow or slight (real or imagined), they have no purpose for themselves. So instead of dealing with genuine race issues in America they choose to harass people who enforce the laws of the United States.

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Fiscally Responsible or Economic Discrimination?

Tennessee looks to cap lottery winnings at $600 for poor

While I applaud any state looking to prevent fraud and waste in their budgets, I cannot help but wonder if a more sinister agenda is in play with this Tennessee bill. The bill seems odd primarily on two counts: targeting all those receiving welfare (even if working) and placing a limit on how much the individual could claim. It appears the bill is a draconian measure meant to ensure that those who are stuck on welfare remain there. It also appears that it would, in fact, harm scholarships and grant funds available from the state as a result of these lottery sales.

Why not simply ban the money from being able to buy lottery tickets outright? Thus those working poor could use their own money to by lottery tickets, should they choose to do so. Would it not be more reasonable that should one on welfare use welfare to buy a lottery ticket and they happen to win a large sum that they receive the winnings minus whatever amount of welfare they have received for the fiscal year at that point and are immediately removed from those welfare rolls? This should of course be contingent on the amount of money won, as it would be unfair to remove someone from welfare rolls for winning a small sum (say 10,000) compared to a larger sum (say 1 million+). Why not also require some sort of financial classes for winners so they are better educated in the decision they may make with any winnings they receive?

Should those on welfare be using their funds for lottery tickets? No, not in my opinion. But it’s far more dangerous to allow the government to decide such a thing for the poor, especially the working poor who simply do not make enough to survive on. It could start that state on a slippery slope of government interference in private citizens lives. Next the government could be decided to interfere with who and how unemployment insurance, medical insurance and decisions, and so on is used, further needlessly invading the American people’s lives. Citizens should not have their lives (and potentially their rights) infringed on simply because of their economic status.

The growing statist attitudes that “government knows best” that permeate all levels of government in this nation must stop before the nation takes the path of dictatorship as all statist regimes are wont to do. Perhaps, instead of wasting time employing statist ideology to restrict citizens, governments (if they insist on imposing themselves) should be looking for ways to uplift citizenry through education, training, and job assistance, so the poor may get off and stay off government welfare, preferably through charities and private organizations dedicated to such tasks.