Short Shrift

Well WP ate the entire post I just wrote for no apparent reason and I’m not going to spend another twenty minutes writing up. Weird. Just a reminder for me to write posts in a word processor first and then put them on the blog. Too bad. I thought it was a rather nice, long post addressing immigration, the oil spill, the economy, pseudo-conservatives, and the politics and policies of convenience that are destroying the country and burdening the Amercian people unfairly while the corporations and elitist douches get to live the high life. Here’s the basic gist of the original post’s ending paragraph:

While I have no need for UI I know fat to many people in Arizona that do. People who aren’t lazy, they don’t want to be on UI but the ongoing poor economic situation makes it so. I’m tired of seeing politicians screwing with people over pennies when these same politicians have no problems throwing out billions to corporations. So I say this, if Congress doesn’t pass an extension to unemployment by July 4th, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure every incumbent in Arizona gets thrown out of office. I don’t care if they’re the friggin’ dog catcher or the Governor: they deserve to face retribution from the people at this point. It’s time for Americans to take their country back from the corrupt who are pillaging and destroying it.

The original was much better stated, but oh well. It is what it is.

Throw the bums out!

Senate Failures

Funny how the retards in the Senate are oh so concerned about bailing out corporations that they spend hundreds of billions without a care and with out so much as a by-your-leave from the taxpayers but the instant some of the taxpayers (now unemployed as a fallout of the same retards mismanaging their business and the country) need some help by extending unemployment benefits they’re all suddenly concerned about the budget and defecits and debt.

I’m fortunate enough not to need unemployment benefits but know many who do need it through no fault of their own. They work hard, lost their job, and now work even harder to find a new job only to find nothing available for them. I call bullshit on these Senate asshats and their crocodile tears over budget concerns while ignoring the true suffering of the American people during these harsh economic times. Must be nice for these elitist douches with their cushy tax payer funded jobs and luxuries to able to sit back and mock the American people every day with their arrogant delusions of superiority.

If these Senators are smart (*cough*) they would be wise to extend unemployment benefits next week (well ahead of the 4th of July weekend) or I suspect it’s going to be a very nasty summer at the townhalls and a virtual bloodbath for incumbents come election season. This, on top of all the other mishandling and corruption, may be the final tipping point for the anger in America to come to the fore.

Obama Gives Speech on Oil Spill

And every one, it seems, hates it.


What did the teleprompter go on strike?

Makes me wish I had bothered to even watch the POTUS this time. But then, I gathered it was a useless speech with no ideas and little worth. I mean it’s got to be bad when even lefty Obama supporters seem to hate it. But then that’s to be expected from an administration out of touch with the situation and flailing nearly daily over what to do.

I probably should go read the speech at least, but then again, why bother? I live in Arizona. If I want hot air I can just go outside.

FTC to “Reinvent” Journalism

With many stories to potentially cover it actually wasn’t partcularly difficult to choose one to write about today. Everyone already is aware of the Middle East tensions rising once more (as if they ever lessened in the first place). We’re all aware of the complete and utter failure of the Obama Administration to deal with the disasterous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the completely repugnant and arrogant behavior of BP in response to the disatser they created. Perhaps people are less aware (or simply don’t care) about the United Nations on going anti-semistism and anti-democracy agendas as well.

But there is one story I found distubingly ignored by the MSM. Perhaps because they, at least their print journalism brothers, would benefit at the expense of the American people. I speak, of course, of the FTC’s rough draft on how to reinvent journalism. Make no mistkae about it, the intent of the FTC is clear in this matter: supporting the old guard journalism in the face of the technological age of the internet. Even if it turns them officially into propagandists.

Many of the items in the “draft” are quite clearly anti-internet, big bailouts for the dinosaurs of the MSM and print media unwilling to give up the ability to control, influence, and manipulate the news and quite frankly an attempt to usurp the First Amendment. There are some pretty scary ideas in there that should make any freedom loving American shudder, among them antitrust exemptions to allow local MSM types to control the local media and a 5% tax on electronic items that would be used to fund these failed businesses.

Perhaps more troubling is the obvious anti-internet tone and anti-free disemination of information and news attitude in the “draft” that somehow the internet (namely linkers, and aggregators) is to blame for their troubles. Additionally there is this pervasive oppressive feel to the whole thing that the government should determine not only what information you get but who should be allowed to present it to you.  To read it, you would almost think not a one involved in its creation had even heard of, let alone the used the internet, for any reasonable amount of time.

The whole thing reads like a hamfisted and poorly executed attempt to finish off free press in the United States and to turn it into simple propagandist machines ala Pravda while at the same time trying to curtail (and eventually) eliminate opposing views from the internet (e.g. bloggers, independent news sources, etc) claiming some nefarious need for “fairness”. Perhaps I’m being overly concerned or paranoid but the ultimate goal, it seems, is government control and/or influence of the news, the facts, and the information the American people receive while stiffling and supressing dissenting information or perceptions of the same.

Fairness at the expense of freedom is unacceptable and quite frankly impossible to achieve. Government intrusion into the free market via unneeded regulations (while continuing to fail in enforcing existing regulations), taxes, and bailouts was unacceptable with GM and the Financial insititutaions. So too is it unacceptable for the free press.