Newsbits: AZ Official State Gun, GOP favored on Budget, Superman

Arizona governor makes Colt revolver official state gun | Reuters

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Thursday signed a bill into law that makes the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the state’s firearm, making Arizona only the second in the nation to have such a designation.

While I don’t personally have a problem with this, I do think the legislature should be spending more of its efforts on dealing with Arizona’s budget crisis.

Americans favor Republicans’ handling of budget: poll | Reuters

The federal budget was the only issue in which respondents clearly preferred one party over the other, with 48 percent favoring Republicans and 36 percent Democrats.

This is unsurprising given the Obama Administration and Democratic Party’s spending spree and ballooning deficits since Obama’s presidency started. Personally I don’t think either party has any real intention of fixing the problem simply because both are using it to strip Americans of their freedoms and their livelihoods while profiting off the backs of the people.

Superman Renouncing American Citizenship In ‘Action Comics #900’

In “Action Comics #900,” Superman will renounce his American citizenship, rejecting the international notion that his actions are part of US policy.

Kind of silly but unsurprising in our politically correct global corporate hegemonist world, corporate hegemonies that actively undermine freedom and liberty throughout the world for their profit line. Besides Superman always felt a little fascistic too me given how it’s always been used as propaganda throughout the decades since its creation.

Food Police

Gov’t Seeks to Limit Junk Food Ads to Kids

I’m not surprised the food police want to expand their nanny state socialism on the United States in the name of the “public good”. The food industry goes along with these “voluntary programs” hoping to stave off full blown government control but are only fooling themselves. Just ask the oi, gas, and other energy producers. They’ve made concession after concession on top of the regulations and still the government does all it can to cripple those industries. The result: higher prices and a crippled economy.

The food police believe they know better than everyone else how to live and eat, but more importantly believe they have the right to dictate to any and everyone how to eat. It’s nothing new, of course, and are merely a symptom of a problem that needs to be eliminated from this nation’s governing officials: the nanny state dictatorship mentality. Americans need to start thinking for themselves, assert their own authority as citizens, be responsible parents to their kids instead of trying to be their friends, and educate themselves about nutrition from unbiased sources free of special interest groups pushing whatever agenda they are after.

Ethnic studies protest at TUSD meeting – Ethnic studies protest cancels TUSD board meeting

Supporters of the Mexican American Studies program forced their way into an already full board room and several of them chained themselves together.

The board was planning to discuss making some Mexican American Studies courses electives that would no longer be used to satisfy core-curriculum requirements.

And it is these actions that are generating anti-Mexican feeling in Arizona when combined with other on-going problems (unemployment, illegal immigrations, etc.). Everything I’ve read about the Mexican American Studies shows it has some courses that clearly smack of racism against non-Hispanics and non-Latinos while promoting ethnocentric politics. As such the TUSD is correct to make the changes regarding the courses with questionable educational merit. If they did not then other groups such as the Nation of Islam and Stormfront could begin to demand similar education courses be taught.

School should be about educating, not indoctrinating.

Obama Birth Certificate, Panetta to Pentagon, Petraeus to CIA

Obama Birth Certificate Released by White House

Maybe the mostly right wing conspiracy theorist nuts will now let the silly notion of Obama not being a citizen drop. Sure Obama should have simply revealed the birth certificate sooner just to shut the idiots up but I suspect he and his party used the issue to try and discredit all opposition as being tied to the fringers. Now if only the left wing nuts would get over their equally silly obsession with Bush the country might actually be able to have reasonable political dialogue and debate. I do give credit to a CNN reporter this morning for correcting a man claiming birthers were all right wing nuts by pointing out it was the Clintons who started the whole issue. Rarely have I seen a CNN reporter do that with left wing guests.

AP Sources: Leon Panetta to Take Over Pentagon; David Petraeus to CIA

resident Barack Obama plans this week to name CIA Director Leon Panetta to replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and Gen. David Petraeus, now running the war in Afghanistan, would take the CIA chief’s job in a major shuffle of the nation’s top national security leadership, administration and other sources said Wednesday.

So Panetta gets to fail upwards. If he couldn’t handle the CIA, as evidenced by recent intelligence failures regarding the uprisings and changes in the Middle East, how can he possibly handle an even more complex organization, the Department of Defense? On the plus side, Petraeus at least will likely be able to fix Panetta’s mess at the CIA given his success at CentCom. (I still find it ironic that a leftist president supports Petraeus considering the left wing’s trashing of the General during the Bush administration with names like Betray Us and worse.)

DiCiccio Recall Effort

So I had a brush with the effort to recall Councilman Sal DiCiccio from the Phoenix City Council while out at lunch today. The canvasser was less than pleased when asked about why DiCiccio was being recalled claiming he didn’t know. Problem is I could tell he was lying and called him on it.

Here’s some background on whats really going on in this case:

The recall effort is backed by the city employees’ union who selfishly want everyone else to have to make concessions but, of course, not them. In this case they’re opposed to SB 1322 which would require Phoenix and Tucson to allow private (read: non-union) companies to bid on city projects. In other words, true competition that is the hall mark of any successful capitalistic society. For me, encouraging competition is not recall-able offense unless you a devout adherent of socialism and communism.

Now I have no problem with people spending their efforts on recall efforts. After all it’s their own money and time. What I don’t like is this canvasser implying that anyone who was against the recall, or supported DiCiccio, was against workers. This is exactly what the canvasser implied when I said I supported DiCiccio and SB 1322 wholeheartedly. I suspect he would have even tried to imply more except that I noted to him that at least he was actually earning his money by working hard unlike the majority of city workers I’ve met.

The incident has once more shown me why I can not support unions. They used to do well by their workers and the citizenry but no longer. They have become part of the problem when they think competition is “unfair”.