Ah, the smell of hypocrisy in the morning

The MSM is at it again and the perpatrators even less surprising.

No big surprise that ABC and NBC Refuse to Run Add Critical of Obama Health Care
given they’ve given themselves over as propagandists to the Obama administration and well before that the DNC. For the record, I give credit to the local affiliates who’ve broken from the parent network and do allow the adds to be seen. Those local stations still get that it’s not their job to tell the American people what to think or censor and supress opposing views! What’s especially hypocritical is NBC’s and ABC’s obvious lies that they that the adds are “too partisan” or want claims substantiated supposedly to make sure their viewers are given both sides of the debate. Curious how neither network was interested in the least in demanding the same substatiation from the proponents of Obamacare and actually denied access to the opposition. The worst case was of course ABC’s daylong coverage dedicated solely to propagandizing the virtues of Obamacare without allowing any counterclaims or ads from opponents to be seen or heard.

McCain Town Hall

So McCain had a health care town hall earlier today. It went about what I expected. Some ideas, some answers, some sidestepping, some laughs, and some boos. Lots of feisty people whether you consider them wing nuts or not is dependent on your perspective. Nothing extraordinary really other than it was a stark contrast from so many of the Democratic town halls the media made such a ballyhoo about.

My favorite lines from the town hall:

“You might be seeing the beginning of a peaceful revolt in America.”

Actually it’s more the people holding their government accountable more than a revolt, but I assume those elitists in DC think people questioning their elected officials is a revolt. Anyway, the revolt began a while ago, hence the TEA Parties, people going to town halls, etc.

“Senator, nuke it now!”

Though I agree with McCain that such an approach accomplishes nothing in the real world and even in the fantasy land that makes up DC. I just like the quote, since it sums up a lot of people’s anger over the Administration and Congress trying to force everything through without comment, debate, or compromise. When people are backed into a corner (or at least feel like it) they lash out.

Arizona Town Halls
Per The Arizona Republic

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Who: Senator McCain
Where: North Phoenix Baptist Church (5757 N Central, Phoenix)
When: 5:30 pm
Note: Constituents had to sign up by Monday 24 August

Friday 28 August

Who: The Tucson Tea Party (Presumably anti-ObamaCare)
Where: Rincon High School auditorium (422 N Arcadia Ave, Tucson)
When: 6:30 pm

Saturday 29 August

Who: Arizonans for Health Reform (Pro-ObamaCare)
Where: Phoenix College Bullpit auditorium (1202 W Thomas Road, Phoenix)
Time: 10 am – Noon

Obama Radio Address

Obama was asked in today’s propagandist radio show if it was possible to simply put everyone on the Federal medical plan or conversely force all the federal employees into a public option with the rest of the citizenry. So why didn’t Obama just simply answer the question: “Why yes we can open up the Federal system for uninsured Americans and leave the rest alone so we can then tackle genuine reform?”

Oh wait, this is Obama I’m writing about here. That would actually be a genuinely fair plan if the Democrats successfully force “reform” (as some are threatening to do) on the United States without the consent of the people. Oh noes! We can’t be fair. We need economic justice…erm, I mean health care reform. (/sarcasm)

No, instead we got an even more ridiculous answer: “We’re trying to duplicate the system.” (Or words to that effect.) Why duplicate it? That’s a waste of money when you simply can open it up to all Americans who want it without affecting the rest who do not. Ah, but then these elitists in the government can’t bear the idea of being equal to mere citizens, can they? They wouldn’t be given more power over people’s lives if they did something like that.

Otherwise, Obama babbled on in his usual way.

Goodbye Courage Campaign

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a couple of days now.

It’s unfortunate but the Courage Campaign has now become another pawn of the DNC trying to push their lies and propaganda about health care reform (aka ObamaCare). I backed this group because of the civil right efforts not to be told a bunch of bull about how it’s the insurance companies fault that health care is allegedly bad in this country. That’s what I get for thinking for even a moment that this group might actually be independent of political machinations out of Washington D.C.

So with their bullshit email sent out about health care reform, I tell Courage Campaign to go screw themselves and end support for any of their efforts. Scumbags.

Pick One

I love the ongoing hypocrisy of the DNC over Obamacare. They can’t seem to decide on the reason why their plans are going down in flames. Perhaps it’s their own obfuscations, not that they would ever admit that even to themselves. I guess it goes back to the old joke about the Democratic Party always destroying it’s own plans with the best of intentions. (It’s not like the Republicans are any different, either.)

Reason 1: It’s GOP’s fault. Rejected by the public simply on the fact that the Democrats hold the majority in both the House and Senate.

Reason 2: It’s a vast right-wing conspiracy to “manufacture” anger and “mobs”. Rejected by the public since it’s well…the public that is angry and yes it is a mob of people.

Reason 3: It’s the wacky gun-toting militias fault. Rejected by the public as pure “WTF, do you really think we’re THAT stupid?”

Reason 4: It’s the insurance companies. Rejected by some 80%+ of the public who have coverage and like it.

Reason 5: As per today’s e-mail from the propagandists at Democracy for America:

…we’ve been pushing back on the media lies…

Ah, the big mean Obama loving MSM is somehow now a pack of liars. Funny how Obama and Co didn’t mind when the MSM blatantly went their way without even a hint of objectivity or journalistic integrity.

I guess it never occured to them that trying to force it on the American people without them have any input (as the White House tried to do by insisting that it be done by August in order to silence the people) coupled with the fact that few to none had actually read the bill passed by the House and suspicious intimidation tactics like snitch@bigbrother along with their ongoing bankrupting and pillaging of American taxpayers to pay off all their chums in the unions, corporations, banks, and so on might just tick the American people off.


I expect their next phase it going to a combination of releasing the attack dogs on anyone even hinting dissent against ObamaCare and trying to put out emotion-based appeals to try and guilt trip America into giving up their health care for a government run monstrosity. Who know? Maybe they’ll surprise me and allow true open, nonpartisan, and reasonable discussion of the issue fro the group the matters the most, the people, instead of the “my way or else” elitist dictatorial attitude currently floating around.

Congress: More Statist Moves

So apparently Congress is demanding to see the the business practices and compensation of the health insurance industry. What I want to know is why? Is it because the Democrats are failing to win the public to the insane ObamaCare and are turning to demonizing phase? If so, they should re-think their policies. Americans are not stupid, despite what these politicians think and they are not easily duped but such obvious pandering. No American would want a government official telling them how they can spend their money, why would American businesses?

Is it not curious how other corporations related to healthcare are not getting similiar demands from Congress like Big Pharma? Apparently Big Pharma gets off scott-free because they’ve already cut a deal that guarantees them huge profits and protection from competition in exchange for supporting ObamaCare. No wringing of hand and bemoaning business practices there. A little too convenient, no?

More importantly why does Congress think that they can start “investigations” in an obvious attempt to smear their political opposition as well as imply that only the government has the right to decide how businesses (and ultimately people) can privately do with their own money? I’ve no love of the health insurance industry but I have even less love for arrogant, elitist politicians acting like thugs and wanna-be dictators. These are the same politicians who do nothing but try to keep the American people divided through various forms of class warfare and undermine American capitalism at every turn while they pillage the nation for their own profit and power in the process.

This is simply reinforcing my opinion that the members of Congress who continue to subscribe to statist ideologies need to be replaced as soon as possible. They’ve become so arrogant and out of touch with reality that they obviously believe that the people work for the government instead of a government working for the people.

Pass the Maple Syrup

I swear I haven’t seen this much waffling in years in an administration.

Anyway, note to the White House: either be for your so called public option or against it. The whole we’re for it unless we’re not approach isn’t working to appease anyone.

I did get much amusement from the histrionics of the lefty MSM reporters at today’s press briefing over Schultz’s (aka Press Secretary “I know nothing” Gibbs) announcement of the President’s new non-position. You’d think the world is ending because they likely won’t get their government controlled insurance system, taxation, and big Pharma monopolization and price fixing masquerading as “health care”.

Remains skeptical, my friends. No government run “health care” and no more bailouts for big business at taxpayer expense. Demand true reform. Punish any politician who sells out the American people in this fashion by voting them out in the next election.

Healthcare Coops

So if health care cooperatives are a viable option and one the president seems amenable to, why the headlong rush to force federally run public option? Oh right, the Statist fringers don’t think individuals can think and make decisions for themselves. Hence the far left’s near frothing at the mouth over Obama’s comments that were percieved as a concession towards no public option. On the flip side I’m suspicious of the cooperatives being used as a stealth tactic to impose public option by quietly federalizing cooperatives.

Of course the health care debate may well be moot with House leadership saying they will kill and bill that removes the public option and the Senate saying they’ll kill any bill including public option. If both hold true, then you have an assurance that nothing will be done. Which may be just as well.

It’s time for Congress to take  a step back and approach reforms to health care as they should have done the first time: looking at ways to tweak provisions and adjust laws to prevent some of the fraud and abuses going on, provide incentives for better coverage, implement cost controls on medicines and procedures, increasing insurance competition, things like that. Instead we got the statist wrecking machine trying to destroy health care for the majority of Americans to “help out” a minority of Americans in the name of “economic justice” (i.e. redistribution of wealth).

All I can say, is any politician who votes for public option and federal control of health care should in turn be voted out of office.

Sidenote: I get much amusement at snitch@bigbrother.gov (aka flag@whitehouse.gov) has been shut down. (At least for now.)

Sidenote: I hope the Obamas enjoyed their visit to the Grand Canyon.

Sidenote: I got much amusement from the idiots in the MSM (and some bloggers) having a tizzy about the people carrying weapons at protests outside of Obama’s address to the VFW. Guess what? In Arizona what they did was perfectly legal. I personally think they making a quiet, if not completely unsubtle, statement about the erosion of our Constitutional rights,  the harassment of gun owners at other events and the attempts by some to demonize those opposing Obamacare (or even Obama’s politics in general) to appeat to be gun toting nuts. But then I’m probably reading too much into it anyway. I myself would not have done it given I don’t feel the need to get the Secret Service all riled up if I’m just there to verbally protest in the first place, but to each their own. It does make me wonder how many were carrying concealed?

Hello, Mr Pastor?

Hellooo. Anybody there? We, the resident of CD4, would like to speak with you. So please stop hiding and talk to us.

Hmm. I guess Mr Pastor doesn’t care to listen or respond to his constituents. But then he has little to fear if that wing-nut Karg is the only one challenging him. I should check to see if the Libertarians are putting someone up against him. If they’re smart they will. With the current anti-big government sentiment in the country this is probably the only time the Libertarians are going to have a chance at actually winning some seats in Congress let alone get their message out.

In city politics…

I sent out my mail-in ballot today. I vomit a little in my mouth everytime I think about having to choose between such uninspiring choices. In this case, I disgustedly voted for the incumbent. All I can say is, should he win, is that he better start showing more concern for the homeless and the people in the district than he does for dogs or I see a recall in his future.

And Mayor Gordon and his lackeys apparently think Arizonans are racists if they oppose his sanctuary policies with respect to illegal immigration (e.g. turning Phoenix into a sanctuary city). Actually this is old news given Mayor Gordon thinks anyone against illegal immigration is against all immigration. It’s just back in the spotlight because he’s bringing in outside interests like the Southern Poverty Law Center to try to stabilize his flagging support with divisive language like “nativist” and the state being “infested by hate groups”. The irony is the SPLC’s own numbers show that Arizona is inline with the rest of the nation in size and number of hate groups when you do the simple math. Doh! Guess that means the nation is infested with hate groups as well. Just saying…