Bill Text – 111th Congress (2009-2010) – THOMAS (Library of Congress)

While I oppose the DREAM Act solely on the ground that it is giving citizenship to illegal aliens I decided to read the text of it after hearing what sounds like some pretty outlandish claims of what was in the bill in order to determine if they were accurate or exaggerated (at least more so than usual). What I read hasn’t change my opposition, even if I think some of the over exaggeration is silly.

I don’t believe the lame-duck session of Congress should even be looking at giving amnesty to illegals. They should be concentrating on things that will assist the citizens first: the economy, extending unemployment benefits, and extending tax-cuts.

North Korean Attack on South Korea

North Korean attack on South Korean island leaves U.S. with few good options

There are no good options either way. Obama and the world has a an ugly choice to make:

  1. Continue the failed policy of appeasement that the communist dictatorship of North Korea considers weakness and encouragement to increasingly violent attacks on it’s neighbors.
  2. Allow the Armistice to end and finally allow for a continuation of the Korean War until one side or the other has won.

Either way, people are going to suffer and die. One is simply more lingering and painful than the other. The only benefit of the latter choice is should China actively back North Korea in any potential war is such support would put the lie to notion so many nations and politicians have of China being a benign entity. 60 years of appeasement have led to nothing but suffering for all and the continued militant and increasingly violent regime in Pyongyang almost certainly guarantees a war sooner or later to settle the fate of the Korean peninsula.

The question is will the world capitulate in the face of violence and threats that guarantee other regimes adopting similar tactics or finally take a stand against North Korea and all regimes like them?

It’s a plane, not a missile…

Experts: Mystery Contrail Was Plane, Not Missile

Much as I hate (and dismiss) most conspiracy theories I’m just not buying the explanation being touted. I’ve seen a lot of atmospheric anomalies, visual mis-perceptions, jets, and rockets. Maybe not as much as some people, but enough to question the conclusion presented. After all, if it is simply a plane then why the FAA lack of knowledge regarding the location of the plane/missile? Where’s the pilot? Or for that matter, where is the plane itself? These are but a few questions to add on top of others (like why is there a burn from the engine similar to what one would see in a missile or rocket?)

Note that the claim is that plane/missile was likely America West Flight 808 from Hawaii to Phoenix. I don’t really buy that because the Hawaii to Phoenix flight is pretty regular. (Note US Airways re-branded all America West flights to US Airways but still retain America West’s callsign and code.) That being the case, why would such sight not be seen before? Sure it’s possible that the anomaly wasn’t noticed before but seems a little unlikely given the heavy air traffic of the area.

Personally, I figure the military was doing a test of some sort (as seemed to be indicated in a recent NGA advisory for the area) and it happened to get seen. If that was the case, admit it and move on. Most Americans wouldn’t have noticed or even cared if not for all the contradictory statements.

Ghost Missiles In the Sky

FoxNews.com – Mystery Solved? Missile Launch Could Be a Jet Contrail

L.A. ‘mystery missile’ may have been errant launch, experts say | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

I don’t really buy that it was a jet contrail. It could very well be a jet but I’ve seen plenty of both jet and missile contrails. Based on the footage available this one looks more like a contrail I would associate with a missile or rocket.

Whether it is a missile or a jet contrail, the fact that authorities could not readily confirm or deny which it was is more troubling from a national security and safety perspective. The lack of any explanation, even an old excuse like whatever is was being classified due to national security or something would have gone over better than the ongoing media frenzy over apparent ineptitude, confusion, and lack of communication.