Obama’s Aunt, DADT and DREAM Act

Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s Aunt, Says US Obligated to Grant Her Citizenship

“If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen,” Onyango, 58, told Boston’s WBZ news.

No, we have no obligation to make any immigrant, legal or otherwise, a citizen.

It is this entitlement attitude that pisses me off the most about some illegal aliens (and Americans). The United States doesn’t owe anyone coming to this country citizenship, especially an illegal immigrant. To do so mocks the efforts of millions of legal immigrants who worked hard to earn their citizenship. You don’t get citizenship because your too lazy to go back to your native country and now live on the government dole. All she did was deny a deserving American or legal immigrant resident assistance they may have needed it.

Republicans Block Repeal of Military ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy

GOP senators said two controversial additions — language to begin the repeal of the ban on gays serving openly in the military and a last-minute amendment based on the DREAM Act to give young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they complete two years of college or serve that long in the military — made the bill impossible to support.

I don’t agree with those who voted against the Defense Department bill because they wish to deny gays the simple right of defending the country they love. I do agree with those who opposed it based on the blatantly amnesty driven DREAM Act. McCain is correct in saying both were cynical acts done to curry favor with certain voting groups. As for Obama, if he truly supported gays serving openly in the military he’s simply used his authority as Commander in Chief to make it so. It worked for Clinton and his halfhearted DADT policy.

By the way, these morons do know we have more important things to worry about than tacking on politically divisive issues onto defense bills, right? But the issue of congress tieing loosely related (and sometime non-related) items into a bill is another problem in Congress that needs to be addressed and eliminated.

News Bits: Ossetia, Obama

So President Obama gave another useless, boring speech (along with numerous softball questions).

Obama News Conference: Economy A Hot Topic : NPR

President BARACK OBAMA: If the election is about the policies that are going to move us forward versus the policies that will get us back into a mess, then I think the Democrats will do very well.

Stick you fingers in your ear and hum real loudly, Mr. President. It won’t change the facts that the Democrats are going to suffer at the ballot box for moving us “forward”. Neither will repeatedly chanting the “Obama Mantra”: Republicans are evil, the “rich” are evil, business is evil, capitalism is evil, free trade is evil, oil is evil, banks are evil, money is evil, moderates are evil, conservative Democrats are evil, free speech is evil, questioning him is evil, tax breaks are evil (except when it garners support), making health care decisions for yourself is evil, small government is evil, etc., etc., ad nauseam. (Note variations that include descriptions like racist, bigoted, un-American, or any other word with negative implications.)

President Barack Obama Holds News Conference – September 10, 2010 « THE WASHINGTON REVIEW & COMMENTARY: Weekly News From The White House

Ossetia Bombing

15 Killed In North Ossetia Bombing

At least 15 people have been killed and 40 injured in a car bomb attack on a busy market in Vladikavkaz, capital of Russia’s North Caucasus Republic of North Ossetia.

Russia’s FSB detains 3 suspects in connection with N Ossetia bombing

Sadly this was inevitable after Russia invaded Georgia to sieze South Ossetia and Abkhazia after stirring up ethnic and religious tensions in the region to undermine the Georgian government. The Ossetia separatists made it clear back then that they wanted North Ossetia from Russia as well as South Ossetia to form their own nation. I suspect such attacks will become more common (as they have in Dagestan, Ingushetia, and Chechnya) if the Ossetian separatists do not get what they want, especially the closer the world gets to the starts of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Sham Wow Politicians, ICE’s Catch and Release, Idiot Book Burners

Sham Wow- AZ Sham Candidates
Courthouse News Service

The Arizona Green Party wants to kick 11 “sham candidates” off the November ballot, claiming the candidates – some of them homeless – were recruited by the Republican Party to take votes away from Democrats. The federal complaint claims that a state law allowing candidates to “hijack” a party’s nomination with only one write-in vote is unconstitutional, and “will cause party members to mistakenly vote for sham candidates.”

Election year shenanigans are nothing new in Arizona (and elsewhere in the U.S.). That’s part of the reason I think political parties should be banned so voters decide on individuals and not conglomerates pushing agendas. If it is true the GOP intentionally and knowingly put out nominees as sham candidates they should be removed from the ballot. Moreover should any political party be found guilty of the activities as alleged in this case their own candidates should either be removed from the ballot for the forthcoming election or the entire party and its political membership be banned for four years from the election process at any level of government in order to stop such chicanery and anti-democratic activity. Harsh punishment? Sure. But better than having the democratic principles and voting system of the United States further undermined from corrupt politicians and their party machines.

ICE’s Catch and Release

I honestly don’t like referring to ICE’s inane program of letting illegal aliens go being called ‘Catch and Release’ as it implies illegal aliens are nothing more than animals. That said the Federal government agency in charge of kicking out the illegals doing all it can not to enforce the law incenses me. Worse is the nearly daily news of ICE actively doing all it can not to enforce the law such as indicating should police discover an illegal alien during a traffic stop who isn’t a felon, they should let him go.

Subverting standing Federal law much with that one? You betcha.

It make a complete mockery of the U.S. Federal immigration laws at every level. Worse is knowing it is a immature response to Arizona’s immigration law brought about because of the Federal unwillingness to enforce existing law in the first place and allowing millions of illegal aliens into the nation and burdening states with having to deal with them via education, policing, medical, and other assorted expenses.

Clearly this is merely another attempt at sanctuary supporting politicians and bureaucrats hoping to cater to special interests at the expense of American citizens and law.

Freedom of Speech Includes Being an Idiot (For all side)

So Pastor Jones and his fringe sect want to burn the Koran on September 11. I think they’re idiots for wanting to do so, but it is their right to do so. You know protected speech and all that good stuff Americans enjoy thanks to our Constitution. Instead of our government whining about how the fringers shouldn’t do it because it will offend Muslims or make them hate America or endanger troops or whatever other communalist bunk being dragged out to quash their right to an ill conceived book burning, how about you ignore the morons?  Ignore them or mock them but don’t give importance where none exists.

The Muslims and Islamists that hate America and the West will do so regardless of whether 50 people get together in Florida and burn books or not. So why pander to them? Many Muslim nations deny freedoms many Americans take for granted everyday like religion and speech. Pastor Jones is a douche but then so is anyone who threatens violence because of a cartoon of their prophet. In the end both sides are idiots and neither should be catered or cowed to by anyone. Both sides will just look like idiots while accomplishing nothing, so why bother giving any importance by having top officials getting involved with obvious media attention whores.

Obama’s Ohio “Economy Speech”

Text – Obama’s Economy Speech in Ohio – NYTimes.com

Too bad most of it was the usual tired slogans of his Presidency. More political pandering and incitement of class warfare with a hint of desperation to it given the political season.

I don’t know what parallel universe President Obama lives in if he honestly thinks free market capitalism, limited government, smaller budgets, and low tax rates have “failed” when our corrupt political leaders have yet to implement any single one of these things preferring instead to stick to pork laden budgets and corporate welfare (bailouts and “stimulus” bills) while looking for more ways to raise the cost of living and taxes to unbearable and unsustainable levels. Perhaps if there had been even a halfhearted attempt at any one of these I would agree with him, but it this case obviously not. All I heard was excuses and attempts to justify his failed socialistic notions of wealth redistribution and anti-business policies while blaming others, namely the GOP, instead of accepting responsibility. Better still, he should have acknowledged his mistaken policies and moved to correct them.

Perhaps the President should have been worried about the economy months ago instead of treating his office as his own personal four year vacation and narcissistic media tour at tax payer expense. No one cares what he “inherited”. All Presidents inherit their office from the previous President’s dating back to the nation’s founding. He should stop whining about it and get to work in that place called the White House instead of wasting time proclaiming he’s “working on it” while wasting time and money at political rallies.

But then my reactions may be just my cynicism towards an elitist President who thinks it is a good thing to throw citizens (like those in Arizona) under the bus because he wants to pander to a voting block rather than enforce U.S. law (such as those concerning illegal immigration) or bail out his union buddies and corporate fat cats while claiming to oppose them. Its so obvious the Democrats are scared the forthcoming November elections are going to hurt their party. Rightly so given their arrogance over the past two years.

I just want all the scumbags thrown out, Democrat or Republican, for what they’ve done to the American people and the nation. Once the corrupt are gone and replaced by constitutionally minded, fiscally conservative individuals we can get back to correcting the problems in this nation.