Gas Prices Rising, MSM Covers for Obama

Gas Prices Climbing Fast Hurts Obama And Helps Hybrid Sales

Republicans blaming Obama for gas prices, though factors largely out of his control.

Funny, the lame-stream media was all about blaming President Bush for high gas prices during the 2008 campaign season inferring it was also somehow the GOPs fault back then. Of course the MSM ignored the fact that Congress was controlled by the Democrats then, which also contributed to the policies that led to unacceptable gas prices. (Not that I think a GOP controlled Congress would have been much better.) Now that it’s Obama’s turn to face popular discontent over the increasing bad economic situation  (anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves) as cost of living increases for necessities far outstrip the reduced wages citizens have suffered as a result of the down turned economy the MSM are suddenly forgiving, with efforts underway to deflect blame elsewhere. Sorry, but no amount of deflection can stop the blame being placed on Obama and with good reason.

Here are but a few examples of the Obama’s administration’s policies that have helped drive up the price of oil beyond the usual worldwide market demands:

  • A number of refineries have been shut down and permits for new ones have been severely curtailed.
  • Obama closed most offshore oil exploration and drilling.
  • Obama cancelled the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada.

Additionally, Obama and Congress ignored other efforts they could have done to help reign in prices such as enacting new regulations and restriction on speculators.

These are but three examples of the Obama administrations harmful policies towards the American people and economy. Granted, the Keystone pipeline would still be a couple years away from effecting oil prices in this country but the other two policies can be directly tied to prices as the oil industry adjusts to where, when, and how to bring oil and refining to the United States. Limited refining capability, especially with the specialty summer fuels season approaching, means even greater costs to the public for no other reason that Obama’s ideologically driven anti-capitalist socio-economic agenda.

As a side note, people should really look at the government’s own profits it receives from oil. You’d be surprised (or not). It’s one reason neither party is truly concerned with driving oil prices back down to a reasonable level for the public. They’re making money off the backs of the American people (again).

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