Gray3’s Thirdsphere is a blog covering my views and opinions on news, science, technology, and whatever else catches my attention in our world today.

Name: Karolyn Gray (I mostly just go by the name gray or gray3 online.)

Residence:  Washington (and Arizona), United States of America

Occupation: Aerospace Engineer

Political Party:  Nominally Republican though I despise the wing nuts running the party right now. The current Republicans have sold out to religious fanatics and corporate greed and the Democrats are just flip side of the coin selling out to extreme leftists. I consider myself an independent, constitutionalist who is socially moderate and fiscally conservative.

Blog Acronyms

The following acronyms I use or will be using in the titles of blog posts and what they stand for.

GG Geeky Gadgetry. Posts covering new consumer items generally involving computers and technology.

JUITD Jacked Up In The Desert. Strange but true stories of events that occur in Arizona to myself, my friends, and family members. Some are humorous, others not.