Aviation & Space Newsbits

The Associated Press: Orbital gets communications satellite deal

FAA Taps Aerospace Technology Firm As New UFO Reporting Center | AHN
Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies for UFO reporting. Weird, but necessary I guess. I say weird because many aerospace companies tend to avoid anything that may be deemed controversial like UFOs preferring to remain relatively inconspicuous and concentrate on their craft designs.

Safran, GE to provide engines for Chinese jet – MarketWatch

Russia set to start Superjet 100 deliveries in mid-2010 | Top Russian news and analysis online | ‘RIA Novosti’ newswire

Unwanted Gifts: Obamacare passes Senate:

Senate approves health care reform bill – CNN.com

Who cares what the corrupt pigs did. They’re just guaranteeing their own downfall.

If it passes as it stands with the unconstitutional mandates and unconstitutional inequalities in taxation between states (among the other BS written into the bill) I will defy it at any cost.

It seems the pigs on the hill think giving the “gift” of taxation, unemployment, higher costs, subjugation and imprisonment for refusing their “mandate” is what America wants. It just shows how out of touch with reality, let alone the public, these elitist buffoons really are.

Regime Change: 11/2010

Az Refusenik.

ObamaCare: I, Refusenik

Senate passes health care reform bill – Baltimore Business Journal:

Not surprising the criminals and thugs passed the bill in the Senate and likely the criminals and thugs will pass it in the House since the Republicans and so-called Independents are just a bunch of cowards who would not stand up to a mouse if their lives depended on it. I’m not surpised Lieberman finally caved into his corrupt buddies but for a brief moment in time it was a nice little fantasy to think he was actually in synch with the will of the American people. I don’t really care anymore if they pass it or not because I wont obey it. Period.

The Associated Press: Democrats push to pass health care by Christmas

Go ahead and bring on the creation of the refusenik* class of people like myself wil not live under a government fining and jailing citizens for not buying government ordered services. Cripple the country in time for you to be collectively hung in the polls next year, morons.

Support State Nullification (aka the 10th Amendment Movement)!
Regime Change: 11/2010

*Refusenik = Originally a Soviet citizen (usually a Jew) who was refused the right to emigrate from the Soviet Union and were often persecuted. Now, a person who refuses something often political in nature. Alternately spelled: refusnik.

It’s a storm alright…

There may be a storm in DC but it isn’t snow.

So America will follow such democratic giants as Kenya, Rwanda, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Zimbabwe in such fine “social justice” traditions as bribing and threatening their legislation into being. That’s certainly not the America I know.

Did Americans really agree that one state should be exempt from the costs of Obamacare while the rest get screwed over as is the case with the bribe given Senator Nelson? Do Americans think the government has the right to fine or jail citizens for not having health insurance? Do Americans really support trillions in debt on top of higher taxes? How does cutting reimbursment for doctors encourage doctors to take on Medicare patients? How does raising income taxes on American families make medical care cheaper? How does a 40% tax on “Cadillac” plans improve medical care and cut costs?

Exactly. Americans are about fairness, equality and justice. None of the bill is fair, equal, nor just.

So let the betrayers keep up their shenanigans. The people are watching and waiting, preparing and remembering. The arrogant fools will pay for their corruption in due course. Nothing can save them from the coming storm, not even cops threatening snowball throwing protesters.

Quote of the Day:

“I am a revolutionist by birth, reading, and principle. I am always on the side of the revolutionists because there never was a revolution unless there were some oppressive and intolerable conditions against which to revolute.”
– Mark Twain (1906)

Regime Change: 11/2010

AZ: Budget Cutting Parks; Potential Legislature Candidates

Budget cuts could hobble state parks system

Proposed budget cuts to state parks could shut down the entire system by July 1, the agency’s director told lawmakers Thursday.

Arizona Capitol Times » Blog Archive » Running for the Legislature, or expected to

Unfortunately this lists candidates for the corrupt parties in power, not any alternatives.

As for the Arizona Governor’s race I’m leaning more towards John Paul Mitchell than any other candidate at the moment. Freedom Arizona