Chicago Trump Rally Protests

I find myself amused at the desperation of the anti-Trump MSM and leftist pundits trying to blame the violence in Chicago on Trump. Funny, it looks like a bunch of left wing extremists initiating all the trouble. But as is too common now-a-days: don’t hold those responsible for violence accountable and place blame on the victim(s).

Then again, this is Chicago. Not exactly the most civilized folks when it comes to politics.

I don’t really like Trump but I despise any and all protesters whose violent activities lead to the infringement of thousands of other citizen’s freedom and speech and association in an attempt to silence those with a different point of view. Do these leftists really have no belief in their positions that they can’t allow others to think differently. Aren’t these same self named “liberals” the ones always demanding diversity in all things, including thought and belief? (Guess that means only if you agree with them.)

Remember people, your rights end at the next person. With your rights comes responsibility. Use both wisely.

State of the Sphere…

Thirdsphere that is.

I haven’t posted much partly because work, school, and life in general have been hectic. Partially because I honestly haven’t felt like blogging about what’s happening in the world, let alone the United States and its current socio-economic political insanity.

I started watching the Presidential candidate races giving up on the Democrats early on as it’s a given they’ve already sold out to Hillary Clinton without giving the American people a true choice of candidates.Sorry won’t be voting for that hypocrite just because she’s a woman. A similar argument was made with Obama’s campaign (e.g. you were racist if you voted against him because you disagree with his policies) just this time you’re a misogynist or a self-hating woman if you don’t support Hillary.

On the flip side the Republicans have too many candidates most of which are so right wing even the party base doesn’t like them or (in a few cases) too reasonable (read: moderate) for the party to vote for.

So into this fray walks Donald Trump and sadly it looks like he may well be the next Republican Presidential candidate. Why is popular? My guess would be that though he started off as a joke to me (and really I do still see him that way) he has struck a chord with Americans tired of watching the elected officials projecting weakness and indecision to the world and selfishness, greed, and obstructionism at home. Trump may be a arrogant ass but he’s perceived as confident, assertive and strong when compared to the other politicians in the race.

We’ll see how this election goes, but for now I’m betting on a D.Trump v H.Clinton presidential contest. Who do I think would win such a match up? Trump, but just barely and largely due to the long political shadows around Clinton.


Two people shot in Rainier Valley, officials say

This happened near where I live in Seattle. I’m thinking now I should have tried to get that condo I was looking at rather than renew my lease.

Q13 FOX News

SEATTLE — Seattle police said they were investigating a shooting Friday afternoon in Rainier Valley.

The Seattle Fire Department tweeted that medics were providing aid to two people with gunshot wounds. Medics said they suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Officials said they were blocking traffic in the 4400 block of S. Othello Street for the investigation.

No further details were immediately available.

Stay with Q13 FOX News for updates on this developing story.

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Arizona Anti-Gay Business Law

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here and it’s with a somewhat hot button issue: an anti-gay bill passed by the Arizona Legislature. The bill essentially says business owners may refuse service to gay customers based on their religious beliefs.

While I do believe business owners have the right to refuse service to a customer I also think anyone who would refuse a customer based on bigoted views (even when religiously based) is a fool for a business owner. Even more, how can you tell by looking at someone if they’re gay or not. Simple answer: you can’t.

The stupidity of bigotry aside, what is dangerous about this bill is that it codifies and legalizes discrimination based on a religious or moral belief. If it is allowed to discriminate against homosexuals for religious reasons, then how long will it be before others decide to claim their religion or morality as an acceptable excuse to reinstate a wide range of despicable hatred (racism, misogyny, and discrimination) as the norm.

My hope is that Governor Brewer will veto the law but it is difficult to say if she will do so. Some of her comments make it clear that she agrees that business should be allowed to deny service to customers as they see fit but also appears to believe that such practice should not be sanctioned by the state through law. I think she sees the inherent danger of the law as being see as state sanctioned discrimination.

We shall see soon what she will decide.

Dems Reject Obama

House Democrats Reject Obama’s Tax Cut Deal

It’s amusing to see whining from Democrats about behind doors deals between the President and the GOP over tax cuts considering they were more than happy to cut a number of closed door deals without the GOP when they were under the delusion that they had a “mandate” to shove their garbage legislation upon the American people. But then Obama should have known better than to curry the favor of the leftist extremists in his party, one of the same mistakes Bush made when he curried favor from the evangelical right wing extremists of the Republican Party.

Now that the American people have started turning the tide against the insane overspending the Democrats, particularly hard leftist progressives, have become a bunch of whining imbeciles trying to adopt language that they think will fool Americans into supporting them once more. Hearing “fiscal irresponsible” from the same people who’ve created the largest deficit in U.S. history is like Bart Stupak claiming he’s now pro-choice: completely and utterly hypocritical.

In the end they’ll pass it, regardless of their claims otherwise, simply because they won’t want to face the further wrath of the American people. A wrath they had but a taste of this past November if Washington doesn’t get its act together.