Military Families Act: Attempted Amnesty Act 2.0

Robert Menendez: Troops Shouldn’t Worry Families Will Be Deported

The Military Families Act, which so far has zero Republican supporters, would grant legal permanent residence to the immediate family members of military men and women in active duty. Like the DREAM Act, a bill that would grant legal status to immigrants who entered the United States as children if they go to college or join the military, the idea is to narrow the pool of undocumented beneficiaries to the most sympathetic few, in hopes that the GOP will not decry the bill as amnesty.

Sadly Senator Menendez’s cynical ploy at currying favor with Hispanic and Latino voters for the Democratic Party is obvious here. Equally obvious is his playing both the ethnicity card and the military card to give permission for a certain class of people in the United States a free pass when committing a crime: entering the country illegally. It still astonishes me that there is anyone, citizen or not, who doesn’t understand the simple meaning of the word illegal. So, I’ll clarify:

illegal – not according to or authorized by law; unlawful, illicit. (Merriam-Webster)

Pretty straight forward definition, yes?

Menendez’s bill is just another attempt to sneak through amnesty for illegals, like the DREAM Act. By Menendez’s thinking serving in the military is grounds to forgive criminal activity, a policy many politicians decried during the Vietnam era and denounced repeatedly since then whenever the issue has arisen again. Basically Menendez is using the ongoing propaganda often used by our government that our military personnel are somehow superior (morally and ethically) to average non-military citizens to justify forgiving criminal acts. By that reasoning, family members of citizens serving in the military should also be allowed to commit a range of crimes (identity theft, not paying taxes, no driver’s license or insurance) and receive certain privileges (free housing, education, medical care).

No to the Military Families Act.
No to the DREAM Act.
No to blanket amnesty!

Yes to immigration enforcement.
Yes to genuine immigration reform.

Supreme Court Upholds Az Law Penalizing Businesses For Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law Penalizing Businesses For Hiring Illegal Immigrants

By a 5-3 vote, the court said Thursday that federal immigration law gives states the authority to impose sanctions on employers who hire unauthorized workers.

A victory for Arizona in this case is a victory for the nation and legal immigrants and honest businesses. I won’t read too much into it but it does seem to indicate that some members of the SCOTUS rejects the Federal argument that States have no input on immigration issues. Of course there is still the key ruling to come sometime down the road on SB1070.

Hawking and Missed Moments of Dialogue

Some rambling commentary on my part about Stephen Hawking and the mild uproar caused by his comment.

I don’t write as much about religion any more as I used to, mainly because I’ve found it is near impossible to sway people one way or the other when it comes to religion or spiritual belief. That and the notion that I should even be trying to sway people was actually rather arrogant in and of itself. Trying to do so is like beating a dead horse and really only accomplishes creating unnecessary conflict. As such I now try to steer clear of such topics.

But today I make a rare break from my personal rule to comment mainly due to the uproar Stephen Hawking made regarding his atheistic view of the universe. I noticed most people broke sharply into two factions: Hawking supporters and religious supporters. Both factions naturally disagreed with one another, but sadly little actual discourse arose. Instead there were a rash of insults and disrespect back and forth with only hardening opinions on both sides. This lack of discourse in this instant I blame on Mr. Hawking. I just don’t see what was logically gained by Mr. Hawking restating his well known views in such a manner.

While I am agnostic and do not believe in an afterlife, I thought Hawking’s words, whether intentional or not, sounded demeaning, elitist, and rather arrogant. By demeaning the beliefs of others he lost a moment in which he could have made an effort to explain his atheistic perceptions to theists without the implied denigration. You can’t start a rational dialogue when the dialogue from the start evokes an emotional reaction, in this case resentment and anger by many religious and spiritual followers and believers. If you can not show respect for others you certainly can not expect them to respect you in return. A more respectful, measured approach by Hawking would have far greater influence.

Ultimately, I am of the opinion that much of the conflict between religion and science would be eliminated if both sides would stop trying to interject themselves into the others sphere of influence. Given historical events and the currently meddling of extremists on both sides to interfere with one another I know that’s unlikely to happen.

I’ve known deeply religious and spiritual people who were excellent scientists and I’ve known atheists who were as equally humanitarian and caring as the most devoutly religious. As such I do not accept the notion that atheism and theism can not coexist or are natural enemies of one another.

Georgia Immigration Bill and Napolitano’s Fantasy

Georgia Immigration Bill Signed Into Law By Governor Nathan Deal

“The falsity is that there has been nothing done, that the border somehow is out of control. That is incorrect,” she said.

Welcome to the immigration war, Georgia.

And people wonder why the majority of Arizonans were practically dancing in the streets when Napolitano was drafted by the Obama administration. By no means the worst Governor in Arizona history her leaving freed the state of her sanctuary policies and revealed her true allegiances as a Democratic Party loyalist rather than a representative and governor of the people of Arizona. No, the reality is that illegal immigration is rampant and destructive problem for the United States that the fools in Washington refuse to accept. Worse these same fools do not understand the definition of the word illegal.

I suppose the deaths of Border Patrol agents are okay with Napolitano according to her little fantasy world. So is the human trafficking, drug trafficking, rapes, threats and murders of American citizens happening as well. And then there are the financial costs to workers, tax payers, and states that must spend resources on the illegals as well that should be going to help citizens and legal residents of this nation.

But nope, in “Janet’s World” all is rainbows and fluffy bunnies. Facts contrary to this fantasy are just pesky annoyances that needs to be crushed with propaganda and political witch hunts.

The Beginning of the End of Democracy in MI?

Finance Professionals Eye Detroit And Other Strapped Michigan Cities For Emergency Manager Takeover

Michigan has had an emergency manager statute on its books for 20 years, but Public Act 4, signed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder in March, endows these officials with expanded powers over the localities where they’re dispatched. Emergency managers now can suspend collective bargaining rights for unions. They can terminate worker contracts. They can strip the mayor and the city council of all their power.

And people dismiss my warning of Corporate Hegemony, yet here is further evidence of its existence, done all in the name of “fixing” assorted problems and done at the order of a Governor. What makes the Michigan case so interesting is that the statute has been on the books for 20 years. Since that time what has  happened in that state: education, business, and governance is destroyed via a mass of corruption, scandal, and (I now suspect intentional) mismanagement by both Democrat and Republican politicians. Taken to the extreme, as often happens when individuals and groups get even a taste of control and power, elections, local governance, and local representation are eliminated in the name of the good of the state.

Sound familiar? These are the same reasons and excuses given around the world and throughout history to take away individual rights, state sovereignty, and to impose dictatorships. Perhaps I sound paranoid but I’ve read and seen too much history to dismiss such possibilities as impossible. Perhaps I even sound anti-business. I’m not. I simply believe business is business and government is government. They should be kept as separate as possible. When the two combine they inevitably become one of two brands: a)  a socialist, communist, or fascist entity when run by the government or b) when dictated by businesses, they become a corporate hegemony, a capitalist form of dictatorship. Both end in the same result: dictatorship for the citizenry forced under their yolk.

Is this the future of America that you want? Then don’t be like Michigan and allow for the creation of any law, rule, regulation, or statute that gives authority to unelected officials to strip you and your fellow citizens of you rights and eliminate your representative government. If you don’t like your government, change it via votes, not by giving up your rights to corporations or higher (read: larger) governments.

Be wary of those who would take away your rights and your representation in the name of the public good or fairness or decency or any other jingoistic term they will use to sway you. Be even more wary of falling for such tactics when it applied to others. If you support taking away freedoms, sovereignty, and self governance for others then you have no right to complain when they finally come to take these same things from you.

Fortunately, it seems, the people of Michigan are waking up and questioning what’s going on there. The question is, can they put aside the polarization and division they’ve been propagandize into accepting by the ruling elite to solve their problems before it is too late?

News Bits: Biden Warns Dems, License Plates, Maine Earthquake

Democrats Could Lose Senate, Biden Warns Party

Democrats are only four seats away from losing control of the Senate to Republicans in 2012, Vice President Biden warned supporters in a online appeal for donations Tuesday.

The Democratic Party deserves to lose the Senate given their bungling over the past few years, but especially due to their rampant arrogance and elitism of 2009-2010 that forced a socio-political agenda unwanted and unneeded by the American people while ignoring the more pressing concerns of the collapsed economy, job market, and housing markets. Instead, these Democrats chose to criticize, demean, impugn, mock and attack any and all who so much as dared question their question policies and insane ideological driven agenda. Such blatant disregard is what led to a crushing defeat of the Democratic Party in the House and made it possible for the GOP to better moderate the Senate agenda in the 2010 midterm elections. Such continuing disregard by both Senate Democrats and the GOP with respect to the economy, jobs, and housing combined with blatant pandering of special interest groups (primarily unions) and ethno-political agendas will likely result in the Democrats rightly losing the Senate as well.

I don’t trust the Republicans to do much better. The GOP has certainly been equally to blame for the budget mess but for the most part they at least seem to understand such novel concepts as cutting budgets, supporting American businesses, and respectfully listening to the wishes of their constituents. Whether they will actually act on what is important to the American people or not is another matter, but anything is better than the current crop of Senate Democrats and their party’s so called leadership.

I’m still very much of the notion that we, the people, need to throw the bums out in 2012, preferably with non-partisan or third party candidates who’ll get down to the brass tacks of what needs to be done without being concerned on being re-elected.

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Fighting For Confederate License Plates in Florida, Texas And Kentucky

The group, whose members trace their ancestors to the rebel cause, have rebelled against decisions in Florida, Texas and Kentucky that blocked their attempts to get Confederate imagery on vanity plates.

As they rightly should. Whites and blacks both served in the Confederacy and should be allowed to acknowledge that heritage without the modern political correctness and rewriting of history. We need to remind people of the entirety of our nation’s history, not just the jingoistic, politically motivated censorship that ignores the complex issues and motivations of the Antebellum Era that led up to the Civil War.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that no specialty plates should be allowed. Only three types of plates should exist: standard, handicapped, and government plates. The overuse of specialty plates has gotten ridiculous to the point of making it nearly impossible to determine what state a vehicle originates.

Maine Earthquake Swarm Caused By Ice Age (SEISMOGRAPHS)

It’s hard to imagine that we’re still feeling the effects of the last ice age.

No, it’s not hard to believe in the least. The planet is constantly changing, as is the climate. This is nothing new, despite what some so-called “scientists” would have people believe in the name of global warming or whatever agenda they’re pushing this decade.

How Not to Discuss Immigration (Or Any Issue): Obama Mocks GOP

Obama mocks Republican position on immigration –

“Maybe they’ll need a moat,” he said derisively to laughter from the crowd. “Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

Hey, if it works might as well try it. [!] [1] (<–FYI, this is sarcasm by the way. I feel the need to point this out since such subtlety is lost on political pundits and assorted internet crackpots.)

But seriously now. The President calls for civility and calm dialogue but then pulls a stunt like this? I wish I could say I’m surprised but I am not. It’s classic Alinsky[2]-ism and indicative of the corruption of those who follow this brand of progressivism. This is the same old ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude prevalent amongst the Washington political elite who view not only their opposition with disdain (at best) and contempt (at worst) but the American people as well. It’s unsurprising the President would use this uncivil and divisive tone on an issue to try and generate meager support. Sadly, all Mr. Obama did was highlight his contempt for his fellow citizens in several ways.

The first group the President shows his contempt for Hispanics and Latinos. Mr. Obama promises this segment of the population citizenship for millions of illegal aliens by calling it “reform” while making the racist and ethnically-biased assumption that all Hispanics and Latinos “stick together”, support illegal immigration, and always support Democrats. He assumes the Hispanic and Latino population are too stupid to understand the issues involved in genuinely reforming immigration and that by quoting a few catch phrases and keywords that they’ll simply flock to his political banner. The problem is that there are many legal Hispanic/Latino citizens who vehemently oppose illegal immigration and the associated criminal activity it entails and want current immigration laws stringently enforced.

The next group the President insults is the middle class. He foolishly thinks he can convince American workers, worried about getting and keeping their jobs in this long running recession, will welcome the idea of millions of more illegal immigrants being given citizenship or work permits to flood the job market as well as taking up valuable openings at American educational institutions (via the DREAM Act).  If the gruel you eat is too thin to be nutritious you don’t add more water to make it thinner.

The third group he insults is the group he needs most to get genuine reform done: the Congress. Yes he was primarily blasting Republicans but the reality is a sizable number of Democrats agree with Republicans with respect to issues relating to immigration. It’s the Democratic elitist leadership that ignores its rank and file members calls for a moderate and non-politicized approach to issues like immigration that are the real problem. Illegal immigration, and other national issues, will not be solved until the useless rhetoric and political brinkmanship favored by the elitists to destroy unity amongst Americans.

And finally he insults all American by one more trying to divert attention away from the real, number one issue of the day: the economy and the continuing decline of the American middle class and businesses. Prices are up for food and fuel, the American dollar is weak due to the Feds over printing, unemployment is climbing once more, and property values are dropping again but instead of attending to the economy the President decides to play political games once more.

So I feel compelled to remind the President of why his poll numbers are tanking and his policies are unpopular with a popular phrase from the Clinton Administration era: It’s the economy, stupid! So stop mocking, stop campaigning a year and a half before the election, get off the television, get back to the White House, and do your job.

[1] [!] is a sarcasm emote, FYI. I intend to make greater use of it since I do tend to get sarcastic in a number of my posts when faced with the inanities of the world.
Referring to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the extremist progressive movement (read:socialist-Marxist-communist) school of thought that encourages pushing a socialist-communist agenda by any means necessary (denigration, dehumanization, jingoism, infiltration, indoctrination, censorship, propaganda, slander/libel, victimization, intimidation, threats, exploiting racism, sexism, sectarianism, atheism and ethnocentrism, alienation, impoverishment, entitlement, class warfare, et al).