Health Care Debate continues

I’ve been quiet on the health care debate mainly because I’ve been watching to see what the Legislative branch comes up with. For the most part I’m not pleased and as yet oppose both House and Senate proposals across the board.

I’m particularly annoyed at the nitwits supporting coverage to illegals. I would not be surprised if they were the same misguided folks who support sanctuary cities and others who intentionally violate U.S. immigration laws to protect illegal aliens in this country. I say they truly want that then they add in a requirement that said illegals after getting their insurance or being treated are arrested on the spot and deported without delay.

I’m glad to see the Senate Panel vote down attempts to place “public option” into Baucus’ already questionable “health care” bill. Now if only they’d drop what for me are absolutely killers of the bill: requiring citizens to obtain health care coverage or be fined (sorry I’m not government property and refuse to be treated as such), taxing those who can afford so called “Cadillac” programs (punishing those who work hard to have a better quality of life), and the annual outrageous government fees on insurance companies, medical device makers, and labs but not on Big Pharma (convenient that Big Pharma will also get government protection from foreign, cheaper competition while crippling development of medical devices and assorted preventative medical tests).

An interesting view: Some Thoughts on Health Care “Reform”

News Round Up

Netanyahu attacks Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial | Reuters

I heard part of Netanyahu’s speech. While I have problems with some of Israel’s activities, Netanyahu certainly made a much better speech than Obama did.

Senate panel renews healthcare fight on seniors | Politics | Reuters

On the third day of deliberations on Chairman Max Baucus’s proposal, the Democratic-controlled panel defeated two Republican amendments to block cuts in Medicare Advantage, which augments the government’s Medicare insurance program for the elderly with private insurance.

And that alone proves to me that the Democrats have no interested in assisting the average retiree, let alone the average American. Instead all they want to do is hurt the poor, retired, and middle class.

Home sales, jobless claims drop unexpectedly | U.S. | Reuters

Yeah it’s called people falling off the rolls. Sad that these dolts think that losing less jobs means that everything is now fine. They just don’t get that it’s less jobs, which still means more unemployment. Obviously, despite the fools in our government’s claims, the economy is not recovering. They just want people to ignore the problem so they can continue with their corrupt business as usual while imposing new invasive and repressive laws and taxes on an already unemployed, under-employed and overtaxed public while they continue to dismantle United States industries.

Government Gags Debate

More evidence of the corruption running rampant in our government: Critics balk at private Medicare plan gag order | Politics | Reuters

I have no problem with trying to prevent false information but it is a little too convenient that when a group supports ObamaCare (even when such information is misleading) the government is all nice and quiet but the instance the government faces any questions they automatically try to intimidate with warnings for allegedly misleading information and implied punitive action. It’s just more proof that the United States Federal Government and its institutions are out of control, out of touch, and in need of massive overhaul to make them ince more subservient to the people of the United States as was the intent of our nation’s founders.

DC Pressuring NY Gov

New York Gov. David Paterson Urged to Drop 2010 Bid

If it is true Obama made such a request, I’d suggest President Obama stop injecting himself into a state’s business. First Massachusetts, now New York. If Paterson is as disliked as a handful of people I know from New York indicate then Paterson would lose to Obama’s favorite boy, Cuomo, anyway. So what’s the concern if the Republicans are held in such low esteem in NY as well? Just sounds liked another federal intrusion into a state’s internal affair. In the end, it should be Patersons choice without pressure from anyone outside of New York just as New Yorkers know for themselves what is best for them.

I’ve always hated federally elected officials such Presidents and the national parties getting involved in local and state politics. I feel such activity undermines the democratic process as politicians in local and state levels soon become beholden to the federal officials and parties instead of the constituents they are supposed to serve. We’ve already seen what corruption that has brought to our country: social and economic agendas that have damaged State’s Rights, the crippling of the economy, created a Congress who thinks they rule by fiat and are contemptuous of the citizenry, massive run away spending and waste on all levels of government, massive corruption on all levels of government, pay to play schemes, intentionally hindering independents and third parties from entering the political arena through passage of egregious laws and rules, funding so-called nonprofits to push political agendas, bailing out corrupt and greedy financial institutes and corporations, and willfully not addressing critical issues in America for the sole purpose of maintaining their personal profit.

A passing thought

Now you see I become extremely cynical when groups like Democracy for America are pushing the so called “nuclear option” (as they did in a recent email) to force passage of ObamaCare in the Senate. Why be afraid of the process instead invoking what many legal experts are saying may well be an illegal process in this instance in order to push through so called reform? If it’s truly reformative then there is no need to force it through. Sounds more like trying to silence open debate and smacks of dictatorship to me.

They might get Obamacare through by such means, but the government would come to a screeching halt for the next three years as all attempts at cooperation would be off the table at that point and would likely spell the demise of a number of political careers, particularly those who go along with the nuclear option. It would also likely lead to ObamaCare being repealed the next time the Republicans or similarly anti-ObamaCare Democrats controlled the House and Senate (likely by 2012 should the nuke option be used) thereby repeating a never ending cycle of grid-locked government and creating a citizenry likely to eliminate both Parties as a result.

AZ 2010 Governor’s Race

Well it seems the number of contenders for Governor are ever increasing, though I doubt may of them are actually electable. There may be more candidates in addition to the ones I’ve listed below that I am currently unaware of or have not officially declared their intent to run as far as I can tell.

Republicans: Jan Brewer (Incumbent), Karen Johnson, Hugh Kealer, Roy Miller, Tim Willis

Democrats: Terry Goddard

Independents: John Paul Mitchell, Mike Ross

I’m currently looking primarily at John Paul Mitchell, Terry Goddard, Roy Miller, and Hugh Kealer but I’m still checking out the other candidates to get feel for their poisition on a host of issues. I’ve already eliminated the following from my personal choices for various reasons primarily contradictory to one of my personal political beliefs: Jan Brewer (obstructionism, taxes, non-cooperation), Mike Ross (uncontrolled immigration), Tim Willis (too conservative), Karen Johnson (too conservative).

Basically as long as they support small government, equal rights, protections, and opportunities for all Americans, State’s Rights, free enterprise, cutting taxes, making services cost effective and efficient, keeping a balanced budget, enforcing immigration laws, eliminating the budget deficit, eliminating waste of taxpayer monies, placing the well being of the people over partisan politics, and developing Arizona’s non-tourism industries (i.e. manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, et al) I’ll back them. Just be a fiscally conservative, socially moderate Constitutionalist and I’ll typically be satisfied with a candidacy.