Gray Wolf Hunts Planned After De-Listing So 1,500 is considered enough for a species to no longer be considered endangered but okay to hunt back into near extinction again as indicated by Idaho’s allowing the killing of 100-300 of the 800 wolves there and the notion of just putting them back under protection if they fall below a certain number. Another brilliant move brought to you by the morons of the federal government and the moronic Fish and Wildlife Service in Idaho. Guess it never occurred to the jackaninnys that their animal diversity has suffered because they screwed up the natural predator-prey mix in the first place. Idiots.

Yes, I get extremely annoyed at things like this, especially after the long and hard efforts undertaken here in Arizona by Preserve Arizona’s Wolves (P.A.W.S.) to return wolves to Arizona. Everyone is all for saving non-predatory species but seem to conveniently forget the predators need to maintain an ecosystem.

Wal-Mart near bankruptcy or…

…is it just because some rich CEO wouldn’t be able to get a Mercedes this year? /snarky title

Wal-Mart Sues Disabled Ex-Employee It’s things like this that make me continue despise Wal-Mart and avoid shopping there. Wal-Mart is just a part of the corporate hegemonists ruled by greed and ready to quash anyone over a pittance of money. I’m sure Wal-Mart with their $90 billion profit can afford to allow the family the $400, 000 or so in money set aside for her care. I don’t buy the company’s excuse of fairness to all their employees.

The Shanks didn’t notice in the fine print of Wal-Mart’s health plan policy that the company has the right to recoup medical expenses if an employee collects damages in a lawsuit.

Notice that it says the have the right to recoup which implies they have a choice in the matter. In this case they could have easily decided not to recoup the money given the unusual circumstances. Wal-Mart may have the legal authority but they are far from having anything moral or humane about their actions. So much for the company that claims to care about their employees.

What a tool

Obama: Had Wright not retired, I’d have left church What a tool. I wish I could say I’m surprised at this completely bogus attempt by Obama to cover his ass over his association with Rev. Wright. He was part of the church for some twenty years and only now is he offended? Not buying Obama’s duplicitous nature here. Mr. Obama can not claim to support Rev. Wright while decrying the inflammatory comments made one week, claiming to be ignorant of those comments and yet claiming close relations and then simply claim that he would have left the church the next week.

Even for career politicians this is a bit too obvious a ploy to pander to voters. Anyone foolish enough to believe this garbage deserves the poor governance they would get from such an individual.

World News Commentary 03.28.2008

Female veterans report more sexual, mental trauma Interesting article highlighting some of the problems female veterans face that male veterans do not like sexual harassment and assault. Making people acknowledge the problem is the first step in solving it.

Marine Gets U.S. Citizenship Congratulations to Cpl. Ramos-Villatas and the other new citizens of the U.S.

Indian ‘witch’ tied to tree, beaten by mob Odd people there. Just odd people. Hire a ‘witch’ to do something and then because it doesn’t go the way you want beat them. With that type of thinking, I’m surprised the crowd didn’t kill him for bringing the ‘witch’ into their presence. Wonder if that’s how they approach these same people would act with a doctor? That and the news reporter filming everything first and then reporting it to police.

Police Shut Muslim Quarter in Lhasa China and Tibet, again. This time it’s China “protecting” the Chinese Muslims from  Tibetans. Of course I got great amusement at the monks who broke from China’s carefully orchestrated press conference in Lhasa saying the government there was lying.

A (Author ed: Chinese installed) vice-governor of Tibet, Baima Chilin, later told reporters the monks would not be punished.

Right. And China is a model of freedom and democracy. Uh-huh. Sure.

Idiot of the Week

Ear-for-Ear Justice for Statue Vandal? Mr. Marko Kulju of Finland is an idiot. Defacing a world treasure just to satisfy his desire for a souvenir. Perhaps most annoying was this from the Finnish Consul:

“He really didn’t realize the magnitude of his actions,” she said.

Excuse me but he’s 26 six years old, not 6 years old. He knew better but simply didn’t care. Just another arrogant, selfish tourist lacking respect for the world’s varied cultures and treasures. Too bad all he’ll probably face is a fine, not that I support the notion of some that he should lose an ear in return. An apology and a slap on the wrist is not enough for one who robs future generations of the world’s treasures. Perhaps offering to raise money to fix the damage (if it is possible to repair) or raise awareness so tourists world wide stop destroying historical sites would be appropriate.

Tibet News

And the news keeps coming about Tibet and it’s supporters. And rightly so.

Activist Urge Torch-bearers to Speak Out  I still get some amusement over the protester getting into the Olympic torch lighting ceremony, though I do think it was something of a pointless gesture that accomplished nothing. I was greatly displeased at the birth country of western democratic thought, Greece, acting like oppressive thugs when beating on peaceful pro-Tibetan protesters.

Sarkozy Threatens Olympic Opening Ceremonies Boycott Boycotting the games themselves would accomplish little anyway. Besides these Olympics will only be about oppression, none of the things attributed to the Olympic spirit.

Death, Arrests, and Protests  Shadow Olympics

UK Savages China’s Reord In Tibet

Crocodile tears over China’s role in Tibet  A decidedly pro-China view of the situation. Too bad the writer conveniently ignores greater historical facts in favor of being a China apologist. Funny how the writer implies if “western” nations question China’s abuses it’s  “imperialism” but cracking down on Tibetan protesters is “defending territorial integrity”.

Too bad Mr. Bush, who claims to want America to support freedom, liberty, and all that good stuff called democracy, repeatedly sells out our allies and national values at every turn when it comes to China. Of course, these guys put their dislike of Bush’s policies w.r.t. China quite harshly: Don’t Dare Criticize China.