War Tax

The Point: Democrats Call for War Tax — Sphere News, Opinion and Analysis

Even though a War Tax is as likely to become reality as a cat discovering the secret to creating cold fusion, this does highlight the corrupt D.C. politicians and their mentality that the U.S. public are their play things, to be exploited, robbed, abused and tossed aside without consequence. Heaven for fend that they actually live with a budget let alone balance the budget and end pork barrel projects as a start to responsible fiscal governance.

Just another example of why all the pigs need to be thrown out in 2010.

Climate Change Controversy Continues

While I don’t condone hacking, having been a victim of it once, I have to admit sometimes it brings things that should be known to light and if nothing else can be used to hold people accountable. But then this is what the old school hackers are all about: searching for information others don’t want seen.

Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute – NYTimes.com

At first, said Dr. Michaels, the climatologist who has faulted some of the science of the global warming consensus, his instinct was to ignore the correspondence as “just the way scientists talk.”

But on Friday, he said that after reading more deeply, he felt that some exchanges reflected an effort to block the release of data for independent review.

And this is part of the reason why I bo longer believe research done at institutes devoted to Climate Change. It’s too easy for the scientists to become so entwined and dependent on their research that they start to allow their personal interest (be it monetary, fame, career, etc) to drive results and conclusions rather than the facts and data in evidence. Another is the oh-so convenient financial enrichment of those pushing so called climate agendas at the expense of and, in some cases, detriment of ordinary people around the planet seeking to improve their economic, agricultural, social and industrial development.

The third reason I don’t really buy into man being the sole cause of global warming is given previous “scientific proclamations”: global cooling, adding to the ozone layer, destroying the ozone, holes in the ozone layer, which were used to push agendas and later discovered to be overstated by those seeking to profit off the alleged research.

And the final reason I don’t believe the climate researchers is the suppression of dissenting scientific conjecture and opinion, even when faced with data that does not conform to currently accepted conclusions. The fact that scientists rely on collectivist group think is in and of itself a hindrance to independent, objective scientific thought. A true objective scientist does not suppress or warp information, data, and facts to a certain conclusion. They allow the conclusion to flow naturally without subjective interference driven by ideology, politics, money, or other forms of self gratification.

I suspect we may never know the full truth about climate change nor admit how little is truly known about the planet’s climate life cycle given the scientific process itself has been corrupted by those who have a vested interest in coming to a preselected outcome. I, for one would, be interested in knowing all the facts, not one scientific faction’s opinion, before any action, if needed, be taken. What I’ve seen so far does not convince me.

If nothing else this incident highlights the need for complete and total transparency not only in data and methodology but any externally related items that may effect such work: sources of funding, political oversight committees, political affiliations, etc.

As an aside, it’s interesting to see the hardliners on both sides of the issue savaging each other, often resorting to unrelated issues and tactics that only further serve to alienate rather than pursuade individuals to their side.


Religious Leaders Unite Against Abortion and Same-Sex Unions – NYTimes.com

Just more hypocritical pandering, in my view. You can have your religion and your morality, but you have no right to use either to the detriment of others in a social system such as the United States that strives to give equal rights and protections to all Americans. You can’t demand to inject your religious beliefs into secular government but then cry foul when the secular government will no longer allow you to hide or justify your discriminatory behavior on religious grounds, especially given the history of oppression, repression, discrimination, and hatred espoused by some Christian sects. It just looks like a bunch of religious leaders trying to use scare tactics to mobilize people to their agenda. So I say to them what I say to the lefty neo-socialists: Go away. You’re not wanted. Americans are tired of extremism and extremists using our government to impose their agendas. Let people just live their lives without your holier than thou selves getting in the way.

Afghanistan and Obama

News from the future: 20 November 2020 Obama finally makes a decision to send troops to Afghanistan. j/k Though you’ve got to wonder if Obama knows the actual meaning of a “couple of weeks” when coming to a decision, given it’s been what, months now?

Obama below 50% in Polls

Gallup: Obama’s Approval Rating Has Slipped Below 50% – The Two-Way – Breaking News, Analysis Blog : NPR

This was inevitable given his bungling on numerous fronts, but most especially the economy and the fake “stimulus” bill and the even more fake “jobs created or saved” numbers.

The Associated Press: Dem slams Ariz. gov’s absence as session falters

“Why is she calling a special session and then leaving if they don’t have an agreement?” said House Minority Leader David Lujan, D-Phoenix, on Thursday. “Clearly everything wasn’t worked out.”

Exactly. And this lady thinks she’s going to get selected  as the GOP nominee for Governor next year? Ha! Arizonans are tired of obstructionists of all political stripes in this state. If a governor calls a special session, it is only reasonable to expect said governor to be available during the session, not else where.

DOA: Reid’s version of ObamaCare

CBO: Senate health plan to cost $849 billion – Health care reform- msnbc.com

All I see is more garbage from one of the top pigs in the Senate. Cut Medicare, raise taxes on everything and everyone else who strives for a decent life. Yeah, that’ll fix health care. /sarcasm Morons.

Senate Democrats Unveil Health Bill for 31 Million People – NYTimes.com

The so called health care plan still has too many unacceptable provisions:

  1. Taxing “Cadillac” plans.
  2. Increasing Medicare payroll tax.
  3. Increased individual tax that are not indexed for inflation.
  4. Cutting Medicare.
  5. Increase tax on big Pharma. Sounds good, except that the Obama administration cut a deal with Big Pharma to protect them from foreign competition and generics. So guess what? That’s right, you get to pay more for medicine as the drug companies simply pass the cost of the tax on to the people.
  6. Going after health plan executives individual compensation. May sound good except it sets the dangerous precent of the government interfering in compensation. Consider that this sets the precedent that the government can mandate how much any money any individual in this nation can make. Do you really want to live in a de facto communist “economic” system? This is just another step towards the idiotic socialist notion of redistribution of wealth.
  7. Taxing medical device manufacturers.
  8. Tax increase on cosmetic surgery. Does this also apply to cosmetic surgery related to accident recovery such as burn victims, breast cancer survivor reconstructive surgeries and war veterans disfigured by battlefield injuries?
  9. “Opt out” for states. Should this not be “opt in” instead? Let it prove itself with one or two states first and then spread from there. Oh wait, they can’t do that because they know it will not work. It’s not about health care reform, it’s about power.
  10.  Mandatory requirement to buy insurance or be penalized (i.e. fined and jailed). I will oppose this. I do no bow to threats by anyone, especially the government. Besides how can you reconcile point 9 and 10 and still have equality under the law? Simple: you don’t. So either the entire system dies out as every state withdraws or the Federal Government imposes the mandate on the states. I’ll let you guess which way our little neo-socialists in Congress will go.

You can read it, all 2,000+ pages, for yourself if you like: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Just another scam, America. Don’t fall for it.


The Administration has decided to try captured terrorists in New York as criminal cases. Don’t see how the logic of someone caught on the battlefield can be tried in a civilian court. But then, this administration is clueless (or willfully ignorant) about many things, such as thinking terrorism does not exists; it’s just man-made disasters. /sarcasm

GOP Ending Abortion Coverage

Where were these wing nuts complaints for the past decade? It’s called being hypocritical.

Besides true Republicans (at least Constitutional ones) know the Federal Government has no business interfering in such a personal issue whether they agree with it or not. I can’t say I’m surprised though that the corrupt leadership of the GOP is suddenly now concerned after the truth came out while religious conservative continue their war to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

They are just as bad as the equally corrupt Democrats when it comes to their dictatorial statist ideologies. That’s why I kind of like the term Republocrat to describe both of these corrupted entities.

Grocery Striker Averted…for now

The Associated Press: Arizona grocery strike averted with tentative deal

Any one who strikes in a right to work state like Arizona during a recession are idiots. Not that the businesses are saints, but I suspect the union bosses seemed to realize a sizable number of their membership did not want to strike and were more reasonable with their demands. In the end neither the businesses or the union bosses really care about the workers. It’s about their respective profits.

Pelosi: “Very Fair” to Imprison For Not Buying Heath Insurance

Ah the twisted logic of the fruitloop, Nancy Pelosi:

Stone: Do you think it’s fair to send people to jail who don’t buy health insurance?

Pelosi: … The legislation is very fair in this respect.

Well, that is if she has even has a smidgen of logic, in the first place. Ironically those who  end up in Pelosi’s Gulag will get “free” (read: tax payer paid) health care. She’s obviously deranged as is any who support the idea that not buying insurance makes you a criminal on par with drunk drivers, tax cheats, fraudsters, etc.

I wonder how “very fair” she and her insane ilk will think it is when they’re run out of officer? Trust me when I say there are many who will defy ObamaCare just on this insane provision alone should the pigs on the Hill somehow pass it. I doubt it will pass legal or Constitutional scrutiny if it were to pass anyway.

If nothing else I’m glad to see a number of people (sans Pelosi and her crew) starting to take seriously this issue of imprisonment for not obeying an illegal and unconstitutional government order to buy a government approved product. And they seem to be getting what the “health care” plan is really about: power and control.