Woe to the Republic: SCOTUS Betrays America

When I was a child, I had no doubts what so ever that the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States would always make the correct decision, a decision that balanced the rights of the individual American citizen with the principles and Rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Until recently, I still believed in the wisdom and guidance of the SCOTUS. But that belief and support was heavily eroded by decision that curtailed individual property rights in favor of corporate controlled politicians, of declaring corporations not only equal to an individual person but by their decision gave de facto greater rights to corporations over that of the common man, and the destructive and corruptive Citizen’s United decision. 

The Supreme Court has betrayed America. Today the SCOTUS made a decision that has ended my belief that the Justices make decisions based on preserving U.S. citizens rights and preserving the Constitution. Today, the SCOTUS said the individual mandate in ObamaCare will stand. In other words, Americans are property– slaves to the whims of the corrupt, vindictive, and greedy politicians and bureaucrats of the U.S. government.

That’s right my fellow citizens, we’ve returned to bad old days of slavery except this time it’s not limited to one race or area of the country, it’s all of us. Worse, this new incarnation of slavery is codified in law and approved by the very Court that is supposed to help prevent the rise of dictatorship in our government. With this ruling, the SCOTUS has said the government can force any American to buy a product by including a “tax”, as the SCOTUS so quaintly justified their traitorous decision, as punishment for refusal to partake in what ever commerce they demand of you.

Is this the America you want? The next time a corporation or bank has financial trouble, do you really want the government to be able to order you to buy that corporation’s or bank’s product? Well, that’s exactly the dangerous precedent the SCOTUS  made today. In the yes of the government, you are not a citizen, or an individual, you are property. And believe me, there are plenty of wanna-be dictators in our government who will look to use this decision to strip away Americans of their rights and freedoms. All one need do to see evidence of this is to look at the previously mentioned curtailments of property rights and granting supremacy of corporate personhood over the individual to see the path to a dictatorship in this country is fast approaching.

The question is this: will Americans stand for this or fight back against the forces within our nation that want to destroy it for their personal wealth and power? A part of me wants to give up and leave the country as it looks less and less like the nation of opportunity, change, and freedom of my youth. But a bigger part of me wants to fight back and reclaim my country and turn it back to a beacon of freedom and liberty and individuality. I for one, will fight, be it at the ballot box, in the courts, or, if it comes to this terrible last resort, in the streets against the rise of dictatorship in this nation. Despite the corruption of our government, I think America is still worth fighting for.

What will you do, my fellow Americans?

The only good thing about the decision by the SCOTUS: it revealed Obama’s blatant lie that the individual mandate was not a tax. The SCOTUS clearly stated it mandate was (even though they ignore basic economic principle that you are a not a participant in an economic activity if you chose not to partake in said activity). That makes Obama, Pelosi and Reid LIARS! Seems that Representative who called Obama a liar was absolutely correct.

Woe to the Republic!

Commentary: Contraception Debate, Health Care, Beliefs and Taxes

Just some rambling commentary on the so-called debate on contraception and health care with respect to beliefs and taxes.

Let me start off by saying that this debate over mandated contraception coverage is a prime reason why there should be no government controlled (in part or in whole) health care system in which the bureaucrat has any say in what treatment an individual should receive. It’s far too easy for special interest groups to get into power within such government bureaucracy and impose their social or political agenda. All we need do to see evidence of this fact is look at the abuses and failures of the EPA, the FDA, the DoJ and DHS in recent years. For now it’s contraception. What happens when others come in who oppose cancer screening and treatment or oppose vaccinations or oppose organ transplants or conversely want mandatory organ transplants or sterilization of those deemed “unfit” or “unsound” or ones who would deny medical care based upon genetic background? I’ve heard and seen people advocating these things long before the notion of government run health care became so prominent on the political scene. If we’re still publicly arguing about contraception after a hundred year (or more) it’s not that far a stretch for these other medical issues to come up in the name of religious freedoms and personal beliefs.

One hundred years ago it was illegal to discuss contraception under Federal morality laws. So here we are still arguing over contraception because some religious zealots wish to impose their beliefs upon the nation under the guise of religious liberty. The issue is contentious but mainly only by those who use their position to impose their religious agenda. Specifically, I speak of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s antiquated approach to women in general, and specifically with respect to reproductive health and rights. (Let’s be honest here, the conservative religious groups really want to use this to strip away abortion rights. Why else would they be pushing for so-called “personhood” laws for fetuses and even sperm? (What’s even more sad was the woman who wrote the bill intended it to be a sarcastic wake-up call to ignorant people; instead it was taken seriously.)

I get that the religious institutions feel they are under attack by the mandate that covers women’s reproductive health issues (among them contraceptives) but their argument for being excluded from the mandated coverage is somewhat specious.

To say that your beliefs should supersede law is a rather dangerous notion if it were allowed to become acceptable legal practice to exclude those from laws because their beliefs say they should oppose the law or find the law “morally objectionable”. With that sort of thinking ethno-racial supremacist groups like Stormfront, Brown Berets or the Black Panthers could argue they are exempt from desegregation, interracial marriage, and equal opportunity laws or misogynists could claim immunity from employment or equal pay for women because of their belief in women’s inferiority.

Dogma, religious or otherwise, can not be used to justify receiving special consideration under the law when that special consideration infringes upon another individuals rights and protections under the law. This is especially so if an organization is accepting tax payer funding or receives any sort of tax breaks and/or exemptions. If you accept tax payer money or funding or any other special treatment that involves tax payers then you must be held to the same laws and standards as the tax payers.

Everyday we all accept that our taxes go to things we do not support. Businesses and workers alike having to pay taxes and fees related to our employment. Does any one group deserve special treatment over the other because of self professed belief? Of course not. Laws and regulations only work when applied equally and impartially. When they are not that is when lawlessness and eventual anarchy begin to creep in if the unequal application if law is not corrected.

ObamaCare Update: CLASS Canceled

Obama Administration Cuts Major Part Of Health Care Reform Law: CLASS Long-Term Insurance Program Canceled

But a central design flaw dogged CLASS. Unless large numbers of healthy people willingly sign up during their working years, soaring premiums driven by the needs of disabled beneficiaries would destabilize it, eventually requiring a taxpayer bailout.

After months insisting that could be fixed, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finally acknowledged Friday she doesn’t see how.

“Despite our best analytical efforts, I do not see a viable path forward for CLASS implementation at this time,” Sebelius said in a letter to congressional leaders.

Had those who voted for ObamaCare actually read the bill and conducted an objective analysis, they would have seen what a farce the bill, now law, was and still is. They would have come to very conclusion that analysts of the time came to: an unsustainable program. The fact that they chose to ignore analysts in the administration who told them CLASS was an unsustainable program is simply more evidence that the ObamaCare supporters and the administration were more interesting in imposing their political agenda than doing what was in the best interests (and constitutionally permitted) for the country.

Now if only the SCOTUS would rule that the individual mandate is unconstitutional (which any one with a common sense understanding of how a republic like ours works and has read the constitution knows) I’ll be satisfied. Better still is if the whole boondoggle were repealed and replaced with common sense solutions that don’t tax everything in existence as the current plan does.

Newbit comments

Apparently the final days before the vote on Obamacare are now underway. Doesn’t matter really. Obamacare will pass but it won’t survive the wrath of the American people. ‘Nuff said.

State lawsuits likely over health care bill

One of just many challenges to Obamacare should it pass through our non-representative Congress this weekend. Add to it states like Arizona likely approving state constitutional amendments prohibiting government interference and mandates in health care and you have a whole other layers of trouble brewing for the fools in Washington.

Ariz. lawmakers to consider four-year terms

Arizona voters could be asked to extend lawmakers’ terms from two years to four years.

Simple answer here: No. The politicians are corrupt enough as is even with the two years terms and limit of eight consecutive years in the House or Senate. It’s getting to the point where there practically needs to be a yearly no-confidence vote on these fools to keep them in line with their duties and not pillaging the state coffers and selling out to special interests at the drop of a hat.

Pelosi: Public Option Dead

Pelosi: Public Option Dead in Revived Health Care Overhaul

A baby step in the right direction. I still want the bill killed in it’s entirety. Congress should start over with more appropriately smaller and focused bills to address the problematic areas with the U.S. health care system directly instead of trying to destroy the entire system that works well for the overwhelming majority.

Unwanted Gifts: Obamacare passes Senate:

Senate approves health care reform bill – CNN.com

Who cares what the corrupt pigs did. They’re just guaranteeing their own downfall.

If it passes as it stands with the unconstitutional mandates and unconstitutional inequalities in taxation between states (among the other BS written into the bill) I will defy it at any cost.

It seems the pigs on the hill think giving the “gift” of taxation, unemployment, higher costs, subjugation and imprisonment for refusing their “mandate” is what America wants. It just shows how out of touch with reality, let alone the public, these elitist buffoons really are.

Regime Change: 11/2010

Az Refusenik.

ObamaCare Shell Game

Congress: We’ve got a deal – First Read – msnbc.com

Don’t believe this manure being put out that the public option will go away under this “compromise”. It won’t. Adding more people to an already failing system (e.g. Medicare) will merely hasten that failure and allow the government to establish “public” option in in order to save health care “because it’s too big to fail” (Sound familiar? Government Motors (GM) anyone? The Wall Street bailout?). Creating not-for-profit insurance modeled on the federal employee program won’t work. Why? Because some 70% of that is taxpayer funded. The not-for-profits wont be able to generate the money to support such a system, therefor the government steps in and voila – public option. (Side note: Did you know the plan they want to copy had faster rising costs than the average premiums of you or I (7.9 to 5.5) according to CBO? So much for cost savings.)

ObamaCare still taxes Americans and businesses to death, punishes those who can afford better plans, still mandates purchasing government approved health care or you go to jail/fined, still taxes medical device manufacturers, still gives Big Pharma unfettered control without competition, still covers illegals, and still allows unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to take over all health care in this country without recourse for the citizenry. All of these are unacceptable and should be opposed in totality.

Any who vote in favor of ObamaCare as written need to be thrown out!

Regime Change: 11/2010