China Watch: 4 Charged With Spying

US Charges 4 With Spying for China  And people think I’m kidding when I say China is not our friend, not a country to be willing trade partners with, and certainly not on to try to appease. Unfortunately, that is exactly what world body and U.S. government has done for decades, sacrificing U.S. interests and allies, losing business, technology, industry, and security to Chinese agents in the name of retaining “good” relations and “influence” in Beijing. Too bad the reasons are all a lie and the Chinese Communists are laughing at the foolishness of the world while they continue on their dictatorship.

Spying is nothing new, of course. All nations have employed it at some point. Especially economic espionage. Even amongst closely allied nation’s economic espionage occurs fearing lost jobs, new technology or concepts. Sadly there are too many people more than willing to sell out their own integrity, nation, and people for a fast buck. When it involves national security issues is when it become a serious problem with potentially dire consequences. When coupled with a U.S. government perceived as weak and unwilling to call countries to task for such breaches for fear of causing an “incident” results in more of the same espionage. Too bad I don’t see this changing anytime soon.