Thoughts to counter the “Plan”

Obama’s new story on government health care | WmWms

Notice the shift? It appears Obama would like us to believe that there is a meaningful distinction between the government directly forcing you out of your current health care coverage, and the government financially incentivizing your employer to force you out of your current health care coverage.

Be sure to read the entire post and associated articles. Nice catch. Too bad it seems some don’t see anything wrong with incentivizing employers to force employees onto government rolls. So much for choice. I like the nickname for the impending fiasco: ObamaCare.

Keep the debate simple : Opinion : Ventura County Star A nice, clear concise opinion piece that nicely sums up my own opinions and opposition to the Obama health care “reforms”.

Personally I am exceptionally pleased that Arizona’s member of the Obama panel, Kyrsten Sinema, rejects the proposed Obama Health Plan. And this being from Sinema, who actually likes the idea of a national program. She at least gets that she is there to act on the behalf of the will of her constituents, not the national party wanna-be dictators or even the President.

Hey even the Green Party rejects Obama’s health care plans. Why? Because it isn’t socialist enough for them because it leaves the private insurance companies in place. How positively communist of them.

Greens reject the ‘public health care option’ promoted by many Democratic politicians and pro-Democrat liberal groups, since a public option will leave the private health insurance industry intact and not curb the current inefficiencies and soaring costs of health care.

Their stance is amusing when you look at the proposed legislation and whatnot. Guess what? There’s no curb for inefficiencies and soaring costs regardless of a government only insurance or not. There’s not even such cost saving measures in the very system they want established. But then the Greens rarely deal with facts, in my experience.

The faults in the health care system need to be addressed methodically and without favoritism for one group, ideaology, or socio-political agenda over another. First, costs and the reasons for those costs (i.e. aging populace, obesity, poor lifestyles, lack of exercise, unemployment, low wages, et al). Second, ineffeciencies and the reasons for those ineffeciencies (lack of access to medical information, lack of medical personnel, lack of medical facilities and clinics, Pharma companies, government laws and redtape, lack of generics, frivolous malpractice suits and the resulting insurance rates, et al). Deal with those two primary reasons for health care expenses and you’ll likely deal with the entire problem. Stripping away the free market facade in favor of a government facade does nothing to address the underlying systemic problem.


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